Why You Should Fandango

fandangoThe summer blockbuster season is in full force, and you happily gather up your family for a movie outing.  Captain America has just released, and everyone is dressed up and ready to go.  All smiles and laughs until you get to the theater and realize the entire city had the same idea as you! 


Fortunately, I am the proud owner of one of those so-called ‘smart phones.’  I’ve been in this exact situation before and was prepared this time.  As the long line of people moped their way up to the counter, my phone and I sat down on a nearby bench.  The children and hubby went to buy popcorn and I assured them that I would have the tickets in no time.  The movie was to start in 20 minutes, and the line was at least 30 minutes long!

Thankfully, Fandango exists.  I launched the Fandango app, selected the movie I wanted to see, chose the number of tickets, and hit purchase.  Voila! With five tickets on the system, I skipped up to the special Fandango ticket booth.  The teller immediately went over to me, bypassing the frustrated people waiting in line.  I handed him my credit card, and he was able to get my confirmation based on it.  The days of waiting in line at the movies are over.


1- Guaranteed tickets for your movie slot.  You can purchase online at fandango.com before you head to the theater, but I usually wait until we get there.  If the line is very small, I will use the traditional method of purchasing tickets, therefore foregoing the Fandango convenience fee.

2- Excellent customer service.  The ticketers treat you as a VIP to their showing.

3- Time saver!  No more waiting in lines, get right in and find the perfect seat before everyone else.


1- Fandango convenience fee.  A very small fee, usually 3 or 4 dollars. 

2- No more waiting in line.  Sometimes the best conversations happen when you are waiting in line with a bunch of people.  For some people, this is part of the movie-going experience.

Overall, “Fandangoing” your movie tickets is definitely a great option.  Check out their mobile apps here:  http://www.fandango.com/mobilemovietickets.

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