One of the best ways to keep your computer system running efficiently is to clear temporary files and delete Internet browsing cache.  In the past, this was a manual process.  With Windows CleanUp!, you can do this in a flash!

My geeky friends and I have been using this program for years.  A lot of programs on the Internet promise to help your system and never deliver.  CleanUp! actually does what it says it will do.

Here’s How To Get It

1.  Go to Steven Gould’s Windows Cleanup! download page by clicking here.

2.  Click on CleanUp452.exe to download the install file.


3.  Choose Save File.

After it has downloaded, double-click on the file you saved.  Alternately, your browser will let you run the file immediately after its finished downloading.

4.  The setup will guide you through the installation.  Click Next until it is finished installing, then click Finish.  The installation is super quick and easy.  It will ask if you want to run it after it is installed – keep that box checked so CleanUp! opens.


5.  Next, click on CleanUp!.  CleanUp! recommends you run in demo mode for the first time.  You can try this if you want to see how it effects your system.  If you don’t change any of the settings, I wouldn’t worry about using it in demo mode. 

If you still have your browser open, the following box may appear:


6.  Click Ok.  Get ready to hear the fabulous flushing noise as it removes all the clutter on your hard drive!

7.  When finished, it gives you a small summary of how much space CleanUp! saved you. 


Windows CleanUp! should be ran once a week to help improve your computer performance.  It is a must have application on every Windows system.

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