High Tech Travels – Day Two

Yes, I love my Android.   I will continue to make posts about all the wonderful apps this phone has brought to me!  So please pay attention =)  Of course, the iPhone, Windows Mobile, etc have access to a lot of apps as well, but there is just something about an open source OS that makes me feel all gooey inside. 



image As we traveled across the country to PAX in Seattle, a staple app on my phone was PandoraPandora is basically free Internet radio that traditionally has been used through a browser.  The company struggled for many years trying to monetize their free Internet radio platform.  After they launched mobile app versions of their site, they flourished dramatically.  Pandora went from almost bust to being an Internet success. . . literally overnight.


Here’s why:  the app is free (there is a premium membership which is ad-free,) your profile links across platforms, and you create your own music stations.  I used Sirius internet radio for about a year before Pandora.  Sirius was a paid subscription to have the services and you can only use one account at a time.  For instance, I couldn’t log into multiple workstations with my one Sirius account.  Another drawback was the disk jockey jabber.  Some people love hearing disk jockeys go on and on between songs.  I do not.  Pandora allows you to create your own station by either putting a keyword of a band you like, a genre, or a specific song.  It then searches through its library and plays music similar to your search criteria.  How amazing!


How do I utilize this while traveling?  Most vehicles come equipped with auxiliary ports where you can connect an audio cable to your phone directly into the sound system.  In my old Escort, I only have a tape deck (remember those?)  I purchased a tape converter that actually has a cord running from the tape drive that connects to my audio input on the phone.  You can still use old technology. . .just tweak it to fit 2010.


Check out Pandora, run it on your pc, and download it to your phone.  The app will change the way you listen to music.


More tomorrow, as day three of my travels continues and I will discuss the wonderful PAX expo!

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2 Comments on High Tech Travels – Day Two

  1. Sarah
    September 4, 2010 at 8:07 am (7 years ago)

    *cry* My new phone is not supported by Pandora. But in 2 years when I can upgrade again I’ll be making sure it is compatible!!!

  2. Nicole
    September 7, 2010 at 4:19 pm (7 years ago)

    In 2 years, who knows what types of phones will be available! I’m sure you will upgrade to something even more amazing then.

    Your phone is very good now and does the trick =) Do you have mp3 capability?

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