Computer Basics – Office 2007 Quick Access Toolbar

Microsoft Office 2007 products have a new feature called a Quick Access Toolbar. It is located at the top, left, corner of each program, whether it be Excel or Word.  When they created 2007, they moved a lot of things around making it interesting for the users to find the functions they used on a regular basis.  The Quick Access Toolbar gives you a shortcut at finding some of the options you had before.  It automatically comes with the save, redo and undo functions, but you can customize it to add other functions you use a lot.  I personally use the Print option the most and now with the new layout of Office 2007 it would be a lot easier if I had it on my Quick Access Toolbar.



Let’s walk through placing it on the toolbar.


To customize your toolbar and add the Print Button option, follow the steps below:

1. Press the down arrow at the top of the Quick Access Toolbar.


2. Select the Quick Print option.

3. You will see the icon added.

You can use the same steps to add any of the listed items or you can click the More Commands option for even more things to add.

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