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Top 5 Games for Families in 2011

image 2011 is expected to be an awesome year for gaming.  Games have infused into our culture and its easy to understand why:  they are a stress-reliever.  Not only that, but with the Wii and Kinect from Xbox, they are becoming more interactive and good for the entire family.  Some of my best memories as a kid was when the family got together and played board games.  Even though the technology is much fancier, gaming together as a family offers the same results for your kids.


Netflix for Wii Now Disk Free


Wii owners can download the new Netflix disc-free streaming update from the Wii Shop Channel.  Up until now, Netflix viewing through the Wii needed a special Netflix disc.  This update adds Netflix as a menu option on the Wii Menu.  Previously, the only console which had disk free streaming of Netflix was the XBox 360. 

Sony’s Playstation 3 also requires a disk, but an update is expected to be released sometime today to allow disk free streaming.


You still need a Netflix subscription in order to take advantage of the streaming.  Subscriptions start at $8.99 a month.