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High Tech Travels – Day Two

Yes, I love my Android.   I will continue to make posts about all the wonderful apps this phone has brought to me!  So please pay attention =)  Of course, the iPhone, Windows Mobile, etc have access to a lot of apps as well, but there is just something about an open source OS that makes me feel all gooey inside. 


High Tech Travels – Day One

Geeky Moms is on their way to PAX West.  PAX is a three day convention and gaming extravaganza in Seattle.  I am very excited to meet with other female business owners and also Montanta mountains pic with HTC Eris see how the spectrum of women gaming has changed.  No longer are gamers just nerdy men who never bath or stay in their basements.  Over half of all gamers are women!  Not only that, but gaming companies are starting to realize that women are the ones buying games, no matter if its for themselves, kids or significant others.