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Nintendo 3DS will be released in US in March 2011

image The Nintendo 3DS has a release date set for early 2011!

The iconic gaming company’s much-buzzed-about hand-held 3-D device will go on sale in Japan in February, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said at a Tokyo news conference.


Satisfy the Gaming Need

 My three year old has become a game addict.  I know. . .all the statistics and parenting classes would not approve if they saw the depths this child will endure to do some gaming.  Some families are heavily into sports, others are engulfed in fishing or outdoor sports, while our family loves computers.  The Internet and games to be more precise.  The problem lies in the fickle mentality of a three year old.  An online browser game can be challenging and tiring to a young end-user.  The rants of  "I want a Batman game," or "I need a DIFFERENT game," are constantly being demanded.