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Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Geeky Mom

image As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s time to take a look at what a ‘geeky mom’ would love to  receive on the momentous occasion.  From gadgets to creative solutions, we’ve got a few suggestions for those struggling to find mom the perfect gift.

Kindle Fire


Ah, yes, the Kindle Fire.  It’s no longer just a hand-held eBook device.  It’s now one of the most popular choices for women in electronics.  After much speculation on whether eBooks will survive the tablet war, it seems that the Kindle is a must-have for a geeky mom.  The Kindle runs a base of the Android operating system and you can install multiple applications or games from the Amazon Android marketplace.  You have access to the Amazon Music Cloud as well as instantly play video with Amazon Prime or Netflix.  This handheld is a must-have device for every mom!


A Date with the Avengers220px-TheAvengers2012Poster

Let’s say your budget doesn’t allow for the expense of the Kindle.  How about a date night?  The funny thing about Mother’s Day is that it’s the one day where moms can say, “hey give me a break, I need some mommy time!”

The Avengers is the perfect way to show your geeky mom you appreciate them.  Mythical comic book legends surrounded by adventure  is the ultimate geeky mom movie.  Fortunately, it premiers this Friday, May 4th.


You can always go back to the traditional method of flowers.  But, if you really want to melt the geeky mom’s heart, give her an AeroGarden.  This indoor garden machine allows you to grow vegetables, flowers or herbs all year long! Purchase an extra seed kit to sweeten the deal.  This gift will keep on giving all year long, and will truly inspire her to get in touch with her nature side.  Not only that, the kids will enjoy participating with mom on this project.

Queen for a Dayimage

Imagine your geeky mom’s excitement when she wakes up to breakfast in bed, complete with a hand-picked flower, gentle music and a foot massage?  Appoint your geeky mom “Queen for a Day” and role play!  The kids can wear medieval costumes and act as her court.  Dress her with a new outfit and go for a lovely walk around the “gardens” (aka park.)  Creativity and downright silliness will make any women laugh, and laughter is truly the best gift!

Feed Her Passion

Each mother is unique.  Identify what your geeky mom is passionate about and look for gifts that reflect that passion.  For instance, does your geeky mom love to game?  Then buy her virtual coins, or a new game controller.  Does she love music?  Make a special playlist just for her.  Creativity and spontaneity will always win the hearts of a geek.


Your pocket book doesn’t have to be tapped to show a mom how much you appreciate all she does.  But, if you are out of ideas, buy her a nook or send flowers.  You can’t go wrong with those options!

2011 Holiday Gamer Gift Guide


Are you ready for another holiday spending spree? It seems like so many new games have hit the shelves this season. How do you know what to purchase for your kids? What would thrill your geeky spouse? Are your toddlers ready for some gaming too?

Geeky Moms sat down with Jonah Lantto, gaming expert and general manager at our local Gorilla Games, for some in-depth coverage of this year’s best gaming gifts.

Geeky Moms: We are thrilled to see such a selection of games this year. What do you think will be your biggest game seller for the Holidays 2011?

Jonah, Gorilla Games: A month ago I would’ve told you the year’s best seller would unquestionably be Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, but Elder Scrolls Skyrim released on November 11th and is crushing in sales. I think MW3 will edge it out because it has the Call of Duty name and its also available on a few platforms that Skyrim is not. The Wii, DS, and 3ds.

Geeky Moms: My teenage boy is so hard to buy for but he does have all the game systems. What game should I definitely buy for him this Christmas?

Jonah, Gorilla Games: If he’s a PC gamer/MMO player, you should let him take a shot at Star Wars the Old Republic which releases on December 20th. So far this year, every kid seems to be asking for one of two games; Skyrim or Modern Warfare 3. Both games are available on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. If swords, sorcery, and FPS are not his thing, the sports games of 2011 are the best class we’ve seen since 2005. Madden, NHL, and NBA 2k12 are at the top of their game.

Geeky Moms: Are there any new fantastic games for Mom this season?

Jonah, Gorilla Games: The most awesome geeky moms will be playing Skyrim A lot of moms I meet are still big fans of action platforming games similar to Mario and Crash Bandicoot. If you own a 3DS, you can’t go wrong with Super Mario 3D Land. Don’t expect anything new or groundbreaking, but it totally delivers the classic Mario experience. On the PS3, Ratchet and Clank is as good as it gets for platforming. The newest release, Ratchet and Clank All 4 One keeps the franchise tradition of utterly shaming every other platforming game of this era. For the fitness moms there is Zumba Fitness 2, Just Dance 3, and Dance Central 2.

Geeky Moms: What about for the little ones? My 4-7 year old kids love gaming on the Wii, but they need a game that is fun and keeps their attention.

Jonah, Gorilla Games: The most innovative children’s game release in years, hit shelves about a month ago, Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure. It’s available on all platforms and its completely awesome. The game includes a few Spyro action figures, a portal of power, and the game software. By placing your figure on the portal the character is uploaded into the game. Each character is unique with its own powers and skills. All the information is stored on the figure itself and the figures are compatible across all platforms, a sweet mixture toys and video games. This is the must have game for kids in that age group. Its not the only one though. Mario 3d Land and Mario Kart will both be available on 3DS. The other big kids release is Disney Universe a fun exploration of Disney worlds and adventures with characters that progress. What I love about these games is they’re all playable by 2-4 players. 2 player limit on Spyro, but up to 4 on the others.

Geeky Moms: The geeky men in my life are on top of any new game that comes out, so I have to be more creative in my gifts. Any ideas on awesome gaming hardware that they would love?

Jonah, Gorilla Games: If you really want to spoil the gamer in your life check out the G155 Mobile Gaming Environment. I want one and I don’t need it even a little bit. It’s a hard shell briefcase contained gaming unit with a built-in LED HD monitor. All you have to supply is the console, the game and electricity. Plug it in anywhere and you’re gaming in beautiful HD. If your husband is an Xbox 360 player I’d encourage any mom to check out the custom controllers available at Gorilla Games. You can design your own controller and we build it for you!

Geeky Moms: What do you think the the top game is for each console this season?

Jonah, Gorilla Games: Xbox 360 – Gears of War 3 is the best console exclusive title money can buy on the 360.

Playstation 3 – Uncharted 3 is the definitive PS3 experience. If you own a PS3 and don’t/haven’t played Uncharted 2/3 – shame on you!

Wii – Zelda Skyward sword is all you need!

Nintendo 3DS – Mario 3d land or Mario Kart 7

PC – The Witcher 2 or Star Wars the Old Republic

Geeky Moms: If you were to get only one present this year, what would it be?

Jonah, Gorilla Games – Oooh man, just one? I would want the Darth Vader bread imprinting toaster from

Spoken like a true geek! 

Thanks again Jonah for your time and expertise.   Check out Gorilla Games on Facebook for more gaming updates..