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Zen Computing

The art of allowing your energy to positively impact your technology.image

You awake to an alarm clock ran by a minicomputer chip. The furnace kicks on blowing warm heat to your toes; all because of the computer timer controlling your digital thermometer. You stumble to the bathroom, clapping your hands together to power the lights.

The TV recorder has taped all of your favorite shows, the fridge has cooled your food to the perfect temperature, and your smart phone reminds you of a 10 o’clock meeting. You remotely start the car to alleviate the dry cold air, thus making your initial shock into the environment easier. The ride to work is surrounded by technical gadgets. From street to street, sign by sign, images of technology rave on until you are almost amidst a panic attack. You sit at your desk at work and multitask millions of different programs and applications to maneuver some intangible benefit for your company.