Prepare Yourself for Christmas Day Gadgets and Toys

image As Christmas approaches, the thought came across my mind that a lot of kids and spouses will be getting wonderful techie gadgets and toys!  This is wonderful for the one receiving the gifts, but often times Moms are stuck putting together or figuring out all these gadgets on Christmas day.  Wouldn’t be nice to sit back with a nice cup of coffee, while the kiddies and husbands play without bothering us?  I think so too.



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The Men of Geeky Moms 2011 Fantasy Calendar



The "Men of Geeky Moms 2011 Fantasy Calendar" is ready for purchase!  The calendar features men who make geeky women salivate.  Let the men entertain you month to month with wonderful quips such as "Wanna see my hard drive?"  or "Would you like ftp access to my server?"

We had such a great time creating this calendar.  As an added bonus, Geeky Moms is donating a percentage of the sales to our Relay for Life team!

Thanks to all the models and support from our family and friends this calendar is now available!

Go to for more details and purchase information!

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Google Image Search Yourself Facebook Isn’t Private

image Have you ever googled your name?  Most people have searched for their name across the Internet.  But, have you ever Google Image searched your name?

A few months ago, Facebook faced criticism from privacy activists after they changed privacy controls, and opened up profiles for easier searching of friends. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, published an essay with a philosophy that the more people share about themselves, the more connected the world will be.  Apparently, this philosophy transcends to how Facebook shares information with their partners.

If you Google Image search your name, you will be surprised to see your Facebook profile pic all over the place.  My privacy controls on Facebook are locked down accordingly with all the restrictions I can place.  Yet, if I Google Image search my name, my profile picture from Facebook appears. How is this possible?

According to Facebook’s Privacy FAQ, “Any content that is available to "everyone" is considered public information. To help real-world friends find you, your name, profile picture, gender, username and networks are always open to everyone.”  Which means in simple terms, that your profile pic, gender, username and networks do not have any privacy controls attached to them.  Whatever you choose as your profile pic will be indexed by search engines.

What does this mean for you?

If you are concerned about privacy, simply do not use a profile pic.  Another option is to change your profile pic to a cartoon or avatar.


A word of advice? Don’t put your kid’s pictures in your profile pic.  Personally, I don’t feel comfortable having someone Google Image search my name, and it shows the world all the pictures of my kids.


Perhaps the trend of using a cartoon from your childhood as your a profile is not such a bad idea.


The bottom line?

If you are really super paranoid, and don’t want your information anywhere on the Internet, stop using social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace.  If that’s not possible, at least limit the amount you expose on your profile.  

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Facebook Frustrations

eye strain Why do people have to mess with things that are perfectly fine the way they were?  Facebook is forever updating their site.  This can be okay but the last update is driving me nuts.  They have shrunk the font down to a size that literally gives me a headache within minutes of using it.  Granted I’m not 20 anymore but I’m not in need of glasses that are 3 inches thick either.  There has to be a happy medium between fitting more on a page and giving people eye strain.. 

In ranting and complaining to a few of my friends, one resolution albeit temporary was found.  This resolution will affect other sites so make sure you “undo” your actions before going to a new site.  When you are on Facebook hold the Control Key and the + sign down.  This increases the size of your browser as a whole.  It is using the browsers zoom function.  You can also go to the View menu option and choose Zoom.  To undo this hold the Control Key and the – sign.   

Another change Facebook has implemented is while you are chatting with someone it adds your picture to every chat message you send and their picture to their responses.  It doesn’t hurt anything but it was an unnecessary change.  It doesn’t add any functionality and it doesn’t make chatting easier to do.  It in fact takes up more room and frankly I don’t think I need to constantly see my picture with every line I type. 

Change is not always easy for people, but on the flip side, change is not always necessary. 

Facebook will never make everyone happy.  It’s just not possible.  One change can have 100 people loving it and 2000 people hating it and vice versa.  I just wish that they would stop and think about the changes they make and ask themselves the following questions:  Is it necessary?  Does it INCREASE functionality?  Is it just fluff?  Can it be undone if half the population of Facebook hate it?  Are there options for people who don’t want to use the new change?  What are the reasons behind the change?  Once those questions are asked and answered, then make the change.   I bet they’d find that not every idea needs to be implemented and not every option explored.  In the meantime, if they could increase the font size and I’d be ecstatic! 

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Chat Programs in the Work Place … Productivity Increase or Are We Just Lazy?

image There is a growing debate in a lot of workplace circles on whether or not to allow chat programs for employee use.  Speaking from someone who was in the workplace long before online chat was even thought of, there are a lot of positive aspects to it and only a few negative that I can see.  Now to preface this – I am not an expert, I am a normal employee who works 8am – 5pm.  So don’t go and show your boss this article and expect him/her to implement chat immediately.  But he/she may weigh the pros and cons himself/herself and decide to implement the changes at their own pace, if they are smart!  


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In Defense of the Casual Gamer

The amazing world of gaming has now expanded to cell phones!  Does my addiction to phone apps qualify me as a gamer?  This has became a huge debate in my circle of friends!  I have been defending my gamer status to a few of them lately and it has raised the question what qualifies someone as a gamer?  So was born this article and the official defense of the casual gamer. 


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Planes Trains and Automobiles

train So I was reading the news this morning, and to get a good balance I often like to read both the Drudge Report, which seem to me to contain more conservative political views. And then weigh it against something like ABC News in what I feel to be a more liberal side of the coin. I actually enjoy reading the Report more because most of the political headlines read almost exactly like something out of the The Onion, so I usually get a good laugh just browsing the headliners.

Today I ran across this article describing that the government had given huge stimulus packages to states that would enter into contracts to put up high-speed rail between big cities in the US, the GOP  has vowed to shut it down after the big gains in the house last week.

It brings into sharp contrast the Federal Reserve and the Obama administrations strategy to stimulate the economy through continuing to devalue the dollar. They are making a bid to cash in and reinvest that wealth into the infrastructure, just like was done with the highway interstate system in the great depression.

High speed trains are good because they can offer less congested skies over major cities, and help relax traffic in cases of emergency. But the fact remains the nations private passenger train companies have been having enormous problems lately. It cost nearly as much to ride the train as it does just to rent a car and drive yourself. But if I must admit it if I was going to get to travel on the ground at 186 miles an hour I would ride the train more…

The real issue isn’t a question of a society risking capital in the high speed train industry. Instead it is whether or not the US wants to further devalue the wealth of the country by using the value of the US currency as leverage. Even if the depression is broken and the economy starts to boom, its only a patch on a ever expanding leak on the fiat currency system.

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Top Ten Techie Bad Habits

We’ve all got “bad” habits.  If you’ve been using a computer for over ten years, then yes, YOU have issues too. 

nail biting and stress, stop nail biting kidsTechie Bad Habit #1 – Speaking in Emoticons or Internet Lingo

I’ve been a victim of this habit.  “Slash cry more,” or instead of really laughing, saying out loud “L – O – L,” or adding an ‘x’or” to normal words (fuxxored, roxxored, suxxors, etc.)  Some times normal people will look at me funny.  I can’t help it.  The words just stumble out of my mouth like I’m swearing.  My teen son says “rofl” as a real word, not just an acronym.  Oddly enough, geek speak is becoming quite common place in youngsters vocabulary.  I wonder how long it will take for ‘lol’ or “rofl’ to hit Webster’s.


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Ladies – Get your RED Wii Bundle

image Nintendo knows their consumers.  Moms across the world adore the Wii.  They even encourage their children to play it as many games are fitness friendly.  Nintendo has stepped up once again.

Painting the original Wii black appealed to more gamers.  I know my brother broke down and purchased a Wii, but it wasn’t until it came out in sleek black.  The marketing geniuses at Nintendo are using the same merchandise, changing the color, adding a different game, and making it appear new and fresh. 

The red limited edition Wii bundle becomes available on November 7th and comes with Wii Sports and New Super Mario Bros. Wii.  Along with the red Wii, Nintendo is releasing a DSi XL bundle which will feature a red handheld and a copy of Mario Kart DS.  image

The red bundles are in honor of the 25th anniversary of the original Super Mario Bros. game for  the NES.  Pre-order your Red Wii Bundle today!

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