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Top 5 Reasons to Go Back to School

Did you go to school right after high school, but after living the college life, decided to go back to work and earn a living?adult learner going back to school According to Classes and, 33% of  college students drop out before finishing their degree.  Students have many reasons to quit, including financial difficulties, lack of scholarships, or unsure of what program they want to study. After years of working, many people find they are ready for a career change, but the lack of a college degree is keeping them from advancing or switching careers. Some people are looking to earn more money, and a college degree will propel them into those opportunities. Here’s a list to help you see if finishing your degree would be right for you. (more…)

Five Ways to Attract Integrity In Business And Banish Flakiness

I don’t often get worked up, but one thing that I value above all other personal and professional values in life is INTEGRITY.

Image Credit to Bolstablog

Either people have less of it these days or I’m hanging around with the wrong people. I admit we all have flaws, we all make mistakes and can’t always be true to our word.


Do Good, Feel Amazing, LeapCR

When it comes to inspiring your employees, the options may seem obvious. Pay raises, team building days, cake… the tried and true methods of getting the team to enjoy work life and each other’s company more. But employers aren’t just responsible for feeding their worker’s wallets and stomachs – with the amount of time people spend in the office these days, companies should be looking out for their workers overall wellbeing.


5 Reasons To Leave Your Business Behind And Enjoy The Great Outdoors

When you started your business I bet one of your main reasons for doing so was the freedom to create your own schedule and work your own hours.

You wanted a piece of that wonderful entrepreneurial lifestyle of working from the beach, jetting off on an impromptu vacation on your yacht or dropping everything to head away to one of your holiday homes…..

You may not be quite at that stage yet, but are you actually taking advantage of the freedom you have and scheduling regular time out? Are you taking regular holidays or mini retreats or taking a whole day out during the week just because?


Show Me The Money! How To Treat Your Business As An Investment

A few months back I was reading a fascinating article in about how few entrepreneurs start a business with the end in mind. The all important exit strategy seems elusive to many of us yet it is so important to have that end goal in mind.

I was so impressed by the points in the article and the level of advice given, plus the fact that she’d just written a book called Show Me The Money that I just decided to email Chia-Li Chien and tell her so.