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Be Generous Inc.


Geeky Moms is inspired by women who are building businesses and organizations which help others to lead better lives.  Stephanie McMinn, Executive Director and Founder of Be Generous Inc., is one of these women.  Be Generous Inc. is a non-profit organization who’s mission is to help supply families with food and living essentials.  Their current mission, in conjunction with Huggies, is to help cover “Every Little Bottom.”  Geeky Moms interviewed Stephanie McMinn about her mission and how she began her organization.

Geeky Moms: What inspired you to start Be Generous?

Stephanie:  I have always had a passion to help others and I knew early in life that it was my purpose.  In high school, I volunteered at St. Jude in Memphis where I’m originally from, along with fundraising events for other causes such as the Literacy Foundation.  A year ago, I made my "Bucket List" and as I re-read it I laughed, it read;

  • Serve the community
  • Habitat for Humanity, help build a house
  • Extreme Home Makeover
  • Travel to another country for mission
  • Visit National Disaster and help clean up
  • Visit and console women in shelter
  • Sleep in a hut in BORA BORA!  A MUST OF COURSE!
  • Work in soup kitchen
  • Road trip in RV
  • Play Hotel California by Eagles on guitar
  • Adopt a child from Haiti

And so on, you can get the picture! Everything lead to helping others.  After one night at church, hearing Lisa Bevere’s powerful speech on her "Lioness Arising" book (Must Read immediately), I was FIRED UP!  My friend Courtney and I sat in the parking lot for an hour after talking about what was our passion and what really fired us up!  We both had always wanted to do charity and really get in it .  The fire was lit that night. The Lioness had ARISEN. Thanks Lisa Bevere!  I’m not one to sit on things once I get it in my head.  I do not wait for GO, I dive in!  That’s what I did. I shared with my husband and he said I could do most of bucket list, with the exception of adopting a child from Haiti. Let me make clear that is only because we have 6 children already.  That mission must be filled later.  With support of my best friend Courtney, we started brainstorming.  We thought of a food Pantry, but knew there were several in our area.  We thought of thrift stores, but I didn’t want anyone to have to buy something if they were truly needy.  Courtney suggested we just think about it. I prayed about it and prayed about it.  When you call upon his name he will answer you!  After watching The Ellen Show one day, it came to me! I absolutely love Ellen DeGeneres and her heart for others.  She inspires me each day I watch her. I thank her.  There it was, my sign.  Ellen Pompeo, which many will know from Grey’s Anatomy, is the Ambassador for Huggies’ promotion "Every Little Bottom."  I immediately jumped on line to check it out.  My heart was filled with a passion that hit home!  Being a young mother at 16, I knew what it was to struggle and how hard it was to provide diapers for babies even though I had a wonderful support system at home. It was hard for us to provide and still today with 6; we know about struggle.  I guess I really have had a lot of reasons and passionate hearts in my path that have lead me to this but ultimately God has set this mission on my heart and I am glad to fulfill my God given purpose.

Geeky Moms: How long has Be Generous been around?

Stephanie:  Really up and running for about 7 months but the word is spreading like wild fire. We are blessed by the seeds God has planted. 

Geeky Moms:  What can others do to help with your mission?

Stephanie:  Pray for success that we cover an abundance of bottoms, young and elder, and that we are able to continue our efforts to provide clothing, food, necessities, household items etc. to families in needy.  All donations are appreciated.  Our website has a list of items we collect.  We take anything and everything.  We have big plans and ideas and with generous monetary donations we hope to be mobile one day in the near future.

Geeky Moms:  How many volunteers or employees do you have?

Stephanie: No employees, however I have a wonderful support group (Advisory Board) that helps me in decision making, spiritual lifting and brainstorming ideas.  Volunteers are far and few, but I have many organizations stepping  up to offer help in the future.  I’m a one women and baby traveling show daily right now but my efforts are not made possible from just me.  Our community is awesome and it is filled with generous hearts that have donated items to keep me in the street.  I thank them because with out them giving I could not continue these efforts.  Many blessing to all of those who help provide.

Geeky Moms:  What advice do you have for other women who are looking to start a non-profit organization like Be Generous?

Stephanie: Follow your heart.  If you have dreamed a little dream, make it BIG!  Many people tell me I can not save the world, I say to them; "I may not save the whole world but I can save My Part of the World."

Thank you for your insight Stephanie!

Basic necessities, such as diapers, are difficult for struggling families to provide. Thanks to organizations like Be Generous Inc., children and families can be assured that there is help out there. 

Want to help?  Check out their website at for more information on how you can get involved.