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Heart Sushi

My sushi creations continue – this time with real yummy sushi!  I was inspired to create something extra special for Valentine’s day this year, and what’s more perfect than strawberries, which are naturally a heart shape on the inside.  It was a little tricky to roll, and you have to make sure to set the strawberry correctly in the roll in order for it to cut like a heart.  When I make this again, I will trim off some sides of the strawberry so its not so big, which makes it a little hard to manage during the rolling.

But my kids loved it and at them all!

Super Easy Halloween Party Ideas

We enjoyed decorating and creating fun recipes for our annual Halloween party!  This year’s theme was “So Simply Fun It’s Scary” which we setup by our pool, and included a fog machine, star show lights, and a great time for kids young and old!  Check out some of our highlights: