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Going Back to College

Students of all ages may face obstacles when going to college.  Yet, for the returning adult student, going back to school may seem like a daunting challenge.
Adult students may have other responsibilities and commitments which young freshman do not face. (more…)

The Internet is a Priceless Utility

internet-speed How much money would it take for you to not use the Internet anymore?  If someone came up to you and said, “I’ll give you a million dollars, but you can never get online again,” would you take the offer? 


A Safe Place for Kaytlind


Geeky Moms, in conjunction with Opportunity Inc., is proud to present the first edition of “A Safe Place for Kaytlind,” a book detailing the life of a homeless child.  Lenore Wilson, Executive Director of Opportunity Inc., wrote the book after being inspired by a little girl staying at Opportunity Place, a shelter program in the panhandle of Florida.  Kaytlind Hale was seven years old when she went to Opportunity Place.  On her journey there, she wrote and drew an inspiring tale about her wonderful visit at Opportunity Place. 

Many people forget that children are often homeless, along with their families.  The basic necessities that many people take for granted, are deeply appreciated by children who have not had those securities.  “A Safe Place for Kaytlind” takes the reader into the lives of children who cope with homelessness, and the struggles they and their families face as they fight their way into a sustainable life.

Please help support Opportunity Place by downloading your digital copy today!  All profits go to Opportunity Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to creating an opportunity to end homelessness, through its emergency shelter for women and families, its veterans’ employment programs, and resource and referral offices in northwest Florida.

Happy Pi Day


3.14 or a slice of applie pie?  Today marks a geeky tradition:  Pi day.  To celebrate the mathematical constant, geeks around the globe are talking over their meals about formulas and ending them with a slice of pie.  Ford is actually putting on a math formula contest to visitors of   Starting at 11 a.m., Ford engineers will post a new math problem every 3 minutes and 14 seconds, for a total of 42 questions in all.  The first person to solve each puzzle correctly will earn coveted "reddit gold," extended features for their reddit accounts.

How will you celebrate Pi day?

Check out the history of Pi Day here.

Million Moms Challenge

The Million Moms Challenge is sponsored in part by ABC News, the UN Foundation, BabyCenter and Johnson & Johnson, as well as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Their goal is to build awareness of children and women’s health around the world.

By engaging a million Americans with millions of mothers in the developing world around issues that directly impact pregnancy, childbirth and children’s health, the Million Moms Challenge will raise awareness and funds to help women and children everywhere survive and thrive.

The Million Moms Challenge brings together a coalition of more than a dozen world-class partners working around the globe to improve the lives of women and children. The Million Moms Challenge will focus on crucial issues that are a priority for all mothers, including access to proper nutrition to support healthy pregnancies, trained midwives to assist in safe deliveries, and vaccines that enable children to survive to their first birthdays and beyond.

Take the challenge!

Unlimited Instant Videos with a Free Trial of Amazon Prime

image Amazon is offering unlimited instant online videos if you sign up for Amazon Prime.  Amazon Prime is a subscription service which gives you discounts on shipping and even free shipping options when you make purchases from  This comes in very handy when Christmas rolls around!

It looks like Amazon is stepping up the ball in the online video streaming market share.  Hulu and Netflix are the other two big players.  Amazon is a versatile company, and it appears they are spreading their wings and keeping up with consumer demand. 

Give Amazon’s service a try and prepare to disconnect your cable/satellite service! 

Wikipedia Needs Contributors

Wikipedia, the virtual encyclopedia that is built on volunteer submissions, says it is losing contributors.

Founder Jimmy Wales says administrators are busy simplifying what he called "convoluted" editing templates that may be discouraging people from writing and editing Wikipedia’s entries. He was speaking to the Associated Press on Thursday Haifa, Israel where the the website’s annual conference is being held.

In another effort to encourage volunteers to stay active, Wales says the site has introduced a new feature called WikiLove that lets users post positive feedback.

The nonprofit organization that runs Wikipedia announced it is encouraging professors in India, Brazil and Europe to assign the editing and writing of Wikipedia entries to students.

Half of Netflix Users Connect through Gaming Consoles

Have console?  Will stream.  If you own a Wii, Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, the odds are you watch Netflix on them too.

A Nielsen survey of 12,000 online interviews finds half of all Netflix users connect through gaming consoles, such as the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 or Nintendo’s Wii.

Eighty-nine percent of Hulu users  watch on their computers. Nearly three-quarters of Hulu users primarily watch TV shows, while only 11 percent of Netflix users watch TV shows.

Netflix users mostly watch video on their TVs rather on their computers, with only 42 percent watching on computers.

More than 15 billion videos were streamed in May, an all-time high.

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