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My Dog Plays Basketball!

How to Make Your Own Funny Gifs


Sometimes, our PE classes get a little out of hand.  Today, we were doing our regular swimming lesson when suddenly it crossed over into the realm of crossfit.  My son rode his bike into the pool, then dove in and retrieved it about 10 times!  He said he was in beast mode! lol  Sounds exactly like something my crossfit group would make me do for time.

But, during these antics, I decided it was a great time to take a funny video for my YouTube channel and Social Media.  Gifs are so much fun to create and really easy to share.  No video player or sound needed, and the message comes across loud and clear.

For this gif, I recorded a video of my son’s bike antics in slow motion.  Then I imported it into a program called GIFMaker.  Its a free app on the Google PlayStore.  The app allows you to add text, apply a filter, crop the video, adjust contrast, etc.  You can also use picture series to create a GIF.  I left the watermark advertising the app on the gif, but you can certainly remove that option in the settings.

Here’s our result…just another homeschooling day on the Space Coast, Florida.  I challenge you to make your own funny gifs!


Top 5 Reasons to Go Back to School

Did you go to school right after high school, but after living the college life, decided to go back to work and earn a living?adult learner going back to school According to Classes and, 33% of  college students drop out before finishing their degree.  Students have many reasons to quit, including financial difficulties, lack of scholarships, or unsure of what program they want to study. After years of working, many people find they are ready for a career change, but the lack of a college degree is keeping them from advancing or switching careers. Some people are looking to earn more money, and a college degree will propel them into those opportunities. Here’s a list to help you see if finishing your degree would be right for you. (more…)

The Art of Doing Nothing

Boredom Inspiration is a foundation of our lives, a cornerstone that should be revered and never taken lightly.  One of my favorite webpreneurs and bloggers is life coach Jeannette Maw.  She has inspired so many people to live happier and fuller lives.  She has created a network of people who are busy creating and happily living the lives of their dreams.  As a deliberate creator studying the law of attraction, she wrote about how ‘doing nothing’ can help you re-align yourself with what you want.  This re-alignment might spring you into action, set you on a new course of being, or simply make you feel better.  Feeling better is the end result most people desire. (more…)

Remove Your Identity from Google Ads

Google announced a changed in service this week which allows them to post your image and identity next to ads.  These ads can show up on YouTube, online banners – really anywhere Google ads are present.  Hint – Google Ads are everywhere!

You have the option to remove yourself from these ‘shared endorsements,’ but you have to uncheck a setting on your google+.

To remove yourself from this option – Go to

Uncheck the box next to “Based on my activity, Google may show my name and profile…”.


Click Save.

The Internet is a Priceless Utility

internet-speed How much money would it take for you to not use the Internet anymore?  If someone came up to you and said, “I’ll give you a million dollars, but you can never get online again,” would you take the offer? 


Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts for Your Geeky Dad

It’s Thursday.  Father’s Day is on Sunday.  I have several Dads to buy for and I haven’t even begun shopping.  I usually put a lot of thought into what I buy my mom for Mother’s Day.  For some reason, I have a hard time finding gifts that Dad will actually appreciate.   This year, I decided to appeal to the inner child of the geeky dads in my life.  The best gifts are memorable experiences, right?


image Men love things that explode, launch into the air, or make loud noises.  Something in their DNA makes them giddy at the site of destruction.  Rockets are fun for  boys of all ages.  Not only will the men have fun putting them together and shooting them off, but it will give them an opportunity to complete a project with the kids.

Man Toys

Yep, I said it.  If your man is truly a geek, there is definitely some sort of toy out there that will get them excited.  Figurines, old school toys from their childhood, models, RC Cars, etc., will be a sure hit with your geeky dad.  Actually, anything that you find on would be perfectly acceptable.

Go on a Raid

If your geeky dad loves gaming, why not put aside some quality time and game with him?  If you are not a gamer yourself, this is a huge sacrifice, and shows you truly care.  Put on your first-person-shooter face and kill some enemies with him by your side.  Or, level alongside them in their favorite MMORPG.  Whatever game is their fancy, it doesn’t matter.  Get a babysitter, order pizza, and let the good times roll.

Arduino Kit

Nothing says loving like an Arduino starter kit.  The ultimate in geekiness, Arduino is a tool for making computers that can sense and control more of the physical world than your desktop computer. The open-source physical computing platform is based on a simple microcontroller board, and a includes a development environment for writing software for the board.  What can dad make with it?  Only your imagination limits you!  From stop watches, to thermostats, alarms, bug zappers, and robots, your dad will be able to experiment and develop their own ideas.


Prepare a Feast

Every man loves to eat.  I will go even as far to say every man loves to have someone cook specifically for them.  It livens their egos and their bellies.  Add a image special flare to your meal by wearing a pretty apron and a dress.  Give the allure that you are a domesticated diva from the 1950s, and you will have your geeky man salivating!  What to cook?  Steak and potatoes, of course.  If they happen to a vegetarian geek, cook them a beautiful pasta dish.  Not sure what to cook?  Moms Who Think has some awesome recipes for you to discover. 

Just for Him

Whatever you decide to give your geeky dad for Father’s Day, just remember one thing:  appeal to their interests!  Every man has different hobbies, but they all will enjoy feeling appreciated.

Solving the Cloud Mystery for Small Businesses

cloud1 What "cloud" really means is using Internet services for file sharing, email, document sharing, etc.  Rather than storing files on your local network, the files get stored back up on the remote server.  The remote server is maintained by the cloud services company.   Email has been used this way for years: you purchase email hosting on a monthly basis and never think about the server housing its contents.  All of that server side storage is done remotely through an Internet connection. Cloud services are generally cheaper and the costs to implement and maintain are much lower than housing your own internal server.



Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Geeky Mom

image As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s time to take a look at what a ‘geeky mom’ would love to  receive on the momentous occasion.  From gadgets to creative solutions, we’ve got a few suggestions for those struggling to find mom the perfect gift.

Kindle Fire


Ah, yes, the Kindle Fire.  It’s no longer just a hand-held eBook device.  It’s now one of the most popular choices for women in electronics.  After much speculation on whether eBooks will survive the tablet war, it seems that the Kindle is a must-have for a geeky mom.  The Kindle runs a base of the Android operating system and you can install multiple applications or games from the Amazon Android marketplace.  You have access to the Amazon Music Cloud as well as instantly play video with Amazon Prime or Netflix.  This handheld is a must-have device for every mom!


A Date with the Avengers220px-TheAvengers2012Poster

Let’s say your budget doesn’t allow for the expense of the Kindle.  How about a date night?  The funny thing about Mother’s Day is that it’s the one day where moms can say, “hey give me a break, I need some mommy time!”

The Avengers is the perfect way to show your geeky mom you appreciate them.  Mythical comic book legends surrounded by adventure  is the ultimate geeky mom movie.  Fortunately, it premiers this Friday, May 4th.


You can always go back to the traditional method of flowers.  But, if you really want to melt the geeky mom’s heart, give her an AeroGarden.  This indoor garden machine allows you to grow vegetables, flowers or herbs all year long! Purchase an extra seed kit to sweeten the deal.  This gift will keep on giving all year long, and will truly inspire her to get in touch with her nature side.  Not only that, the kids will enjoy participating with mom on this project.

Queen for a Dayimage

Imagine your geeky mom’s excitement when she wakes up to breakfast in bed, complete with a hand-picked flower, gentle music and a foot massage?  Appoint your geeky mom “Queen for a Day” and role play!  The kids can wear medieval costumes and act as her court.  Dress her with a new outfit and go for a lovely walk around the “gardens” (aka park.)  Creativity and downright silliness will make any women laugh, and laughter is truly the best gift!

Feed Her Passion

Each mother is unique.  Identify what your geeky mom is passionate about and look for gifts that reflect that passion.  For instance, does your geeky mom love to game?  Then buy her virtual coins, or a new game controller.  Does she love music?  Make a special playlist just for her.  Creativity and spontaneity will always win the hearts of a geek.


Your pocket book doesn’t have to be tapped to show a mom how much you appreciate all she does.  But, if you are out of ideas, buy her a nook or send flowers.  You can’t go wrong with those options!

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