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Desktop Fun: General Desktop Icon Packs

Sometimes you need something a little more general in nature for your desktop and dock icons. If this sounds like you then have a look through our General Desktop Icon Packs collection.

Note: To customize the icon setup on your Windows 7 & Vista systems see our article here. Using Windows XP? We have you covered here


How to Rip a DVD to your Hard Drive and Play it on your PC

Are you looking to for a way to play your media DVDs without rifling through your collection and swapping discs? Today we’ll take a look at ripping a DVD to your hard drive and playing it with some popular media players.

To rip our DVD we’ll use HD Decrypter which is the always free module of the DVDFab software suite. HD Decrypter will remove the copy protection from your DVD, and copy the contents of the DVD to your hard drive.


Manage Your Recycle Bin with RecycleBinEx

Would you like a simple way to manage your recycle bin from your taskbar or based on the age of deleted items? Then join us as we look at RecycleBinEx.

Note: Works with Windows XP, Vista, & 7. The software author also notes on his website that you can manage multiple recycle bins located on the same hard disk from whichever Windows system you are currently logged in to.


Beginners: Discover New Websites with StumbleUpon for Google Chrome

If you are having a slow day and nothing looks interesting on the net what do you do? Instead of looking through the same sites again you could have fun finding new websites with the StumbleUpon extension for Google Chrome.

Note: No account is required in order to use the extension. Do keep in mind that any websites that you mark as favorites will not be permanently saved without an account though.


Newbie 101: Preventing Data Loss

image I rebooted. That was the last thing I did to my computer. During the reboot, a strange beeping noise permeated from the tower. I cringed at the thought of what had just happened. Immediately I knew that my hard drive was fuxxored. The reality made my spine cringe, as if nails were scrapping a virtual chalkboard. Years of pictures, movies, music; all lost with a click of the mouse.

This is a hard lesson for anyone who invests time and money into their computer system. A computer is only as good as the data it holds. Without my data, the programs running on the computer seemed empty and useless. The hardest part about this whole situation was it held precious photos and videos from my daughter’s first year of life.


Newbie 101: Spam

image Spam.

No, we aren’t talking about the compressed meat in a can. This is the countless mail that flows into your email box. Thousands of messages coming at you from all ends, questioning if you can call them back, asking if you need to ‘enlarge’ certain areas of

your body, pushing you to purchase products, or inquiring about your personal information.

It must work right? Why else would these people continue sending you all this mail? Someone somewhere must look at one of these messages and say, "Wow that sounds like a great deal! Sure I’ll send my bank account information to you so you can transfer $500,000 to it! I can’t wait to retire!"


Computer Basics – Office 2007 Quick Access Toolbar

Microsoft Office 2007 products have a new feature called a Quick Access Toolbar. It is located at the top, left, corner of each program, whether it be Excel or Word.  When they created 2007, they moved a lot of things around making it interesting for the users to find the functions they used on a regular basis.  The Quick Access Toolbar gives you a shortcut at finding some of the options you had before.  It automatically comes with the save, redo and undo functions, but you can customize it to add other functions you use a lot.  I personally use the Print option the most and now with the new layout of Office 2007 it would be a lot easier if I had it on my Quick Access Toolbar.


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