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Remove Your Identity from Google Ads

Google announced a changed in service this week which allows them to post your image and identity next to ads.  These ads can show up on YouTube, online banners – really anywhere Google ads are present.  Hint – Google Ads are everywhere!

You have the option to remove yourself from these ‘shared endorsements,’ but you have to uncheck a setting on your google+.

To remove yourself from this option – Go to

Uncheck the box next to “Based on my activity, Google may show my name and profile…”.


Click Save.

Solving the Cloud Mystery for Small Businesses

cloud1 What "cloud" really means is using Internet services for file sharing, email, document sharing, etc.  Rather than storing files on your local network, the files get stored back up on the remote server.  The remote server is maintained by the cloud services company.   Email has been used this way for years: you purchase email hosting on a monthly basis and never think about the server housing its contents.  All of that server side storage is done remotely through an Internet connection. Cloud services are generally cheaper and the costs to implement and maintain are much lower than housing your own internal server.



Shake Your Desktop

windows7 Do you run multiple programs simultaneously on Windows 7?  If so, you’ve probably noticed how cluttered your desktop can get.  In Windows XP, to minimize every window on the screen, the quick launch menu had a nice little button called “Show Desktop.”  This instantly minimized every window.  With Windows 7, this is much more fun!

Windows 7’s Aero Shake feature allows you to minimize every window except the one in which you’re currently working in a single step. 


How to Add Email Accounts to Your Gmail Email

imageGoogle’s email service, Gmail, offers chat, calendar sharing, and a hefty inbox.  All of this is free!  Another great feature of Gmail is the ability to manage multiple email addresses under one account.  You can add all of your email addresses to your Gmail account and reduce the number of places you log into down to one.  It even gives you he ability to respond to an email from one designated account, or make it dependent upon which email address  the email was sent to. 

Here’s how:




One of the best ways to keep your computer system running efficiently is to clear temporary files and delete Internet browsing cache.  In the past, this was a manual process.  With Windows CleanUp!, you can do this in a flash!

My geeky friends and I have been using this program for years.  A lot of programs on the Internet promise to help your system and never deliver.  CleanUp! actually does what it says it will do.

Here’s How To Get It


How to Rip a DVD to your Hard Drive and Play it on your PC

Are you looking to for a way to play your media DVDs without rifling through your collection and swapping discs? Today we’ll take a look at ripping a DVD to your hard drive and playing it with some popular media players.

To rip our DVD we’ll use HD Decrypter which is the always free module of the DVDFab software suite. HD Decrypter will remove the copy protection from your DVD, and copy the contents of the DVD to your hard drive.


Manage Your Recycle Bin with RecycleBinEx

Would you like a simple way to manage your recycle bin from your taskbar or based on the age of deleted items? Then join us as we look at RecycleBinEx.

Note: Works with Windows XP, Vista, & 7. The software author also notes on his website that you can manage multiple recycle bins located on the same hard disk from whichever Windows system you are currently logged in to.


Beginners: Discover New Websites with StumbleUpon for Google Chrome

If you are having a slow day and nothing looks interesting on the net what do you do? Instead of looking through the same sites again you could have fun finding new websites with the StumbleUpon extension for Google Chrome.

Note: No account is required in order to use the extension. Do keep in mind that any websites that you mark as favorites will not be permanently saved without an account though.