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Best Apps & Games for Kids

The advancement of mobile gaming has grown phenomenally with the advent of the iOS and Android operating systems.  Kids are gaining familiarity with these programs from an even earlier age than the previous generation.  I run across families and friends with children between the ages of 1 and 8, asking to play on their parents’ phone a game, or watch a video.  It can be overwhelming for a parent to find age appropriate apps through the different markets.  These links offer the best apps and games out there.


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My daughter came to my office with me after her dance class this morning.  We had such a great time!  I scooted a chair up to my desk, opened up her juice box, and then printed off gobs of worksheets for her to complete.  I used the site to print the worksheets.  I am excited to have found the site.  The site description says there are thousands of worksheets & color sheets for free, and they aren’t kidding!  Not only are they free, but they are very good quality.  The site categorizes by age group and then into different subjects.  I’m very impressed by the site.  Usually if you are looking for worksheets, you run into websites with loads of pop-ups and links hidden within ads. is free of ads and no signing up.  Check it out and let your printer go wild!

Free Online Educational Games for Kids


Here’s a list of my kids’ favorite online games. . .they don’t even realize they are learning!

Star Fall
My three year old daughter loves this website. She learned her letters in a matter of days, and also what sound each letter makes. The main purpose of Star Fall is to focus on teaching children how to read. This site is great because you aren’t required to download anything and they update the content on a continuous basis. If kids have gone through the entire site a few times, they can come back a week later and there will be something new for them to do. The manner in which content is displayed is very intuitive and easy for preschoolers to follow. This is a must have bookmarked site if you have preschool aged children. is another free educational game site that continues to provide fun interactive activities for kids of all ages.

The Kidz Page
The Kidz Page is loaded with activities for kids. From education games, to printouts, to games that are just plain entertaining, this site is an endless resource for parents wanting to give their kids computer time without having to worry.

Sheppard Software
The Sheppard Software website offers free online games with educational value for older children. The content is broken down into different subjects, such as Math, Vocabulary & Science. The games are entertaining and don’t make you feel like you are learning. I personally enjoy the ‘Math Man’ game, it takes me back to my Ms.PacMan faze but I’m actually working my brain while playing!