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$150 Tablet for Kids

TabeoHandheld No, its not from Apple.  Google missed this one too.  The toy retailer, Toys R Us announced the introduction of the Tabeo, a seven-inch, Android-powered tablet for kids that will cost $149.99. The device is aimed solely at younger users, complete with specialized browser controls, pre-loaded educational apps and a curated app store to give kids access to a limited number of programs.

The tablet will run a version of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and will have the ability to connect to the Internet over WiFi. The tablet will only be available from Toys “R” Us stores or the company’s Web site. It will go on sale Oct. 21. To keep it kid-proof, the tablet also has a lime-green bumper to go around the outside, which should protect it when “dropped from low heights or bumped into other objects.”

Parents can limit the amount of time their kids can spend online, set access for specific days of the week or hours of the day, and can get e-mail alerts if their kids find some way around the limitations.

LeapFrog shares fell dramatically after the announcement, as investors are worried how their handheld, kid-focused devices will be able to compete with tablets running Android. 

This item is primed to be a top seller this Christmas season. 

Best Apps & Games for Kids

The advancement of mobile gaming has grown phenomenally with the advent of the iOS and Android operating systems.  Kids are gaining familiarity with these programs from an even earlier age than the previous generation.  I run across families and friends with children between the ages of 1 and 8, asking to play on their parents’ phone a game, or watch a video.  It can be overwhelming for a parent to find age appropriate apps through the different markets.  These links offer the best apps and games out there.


Check out Duck Carnage for Android

A friend of mine released a new Android game entitled Duck Carnage.  The game is similar to the old school Duck Hunt, but a lot more fun!  The game is a great stress reliever!  I’m not usually a shoot-em-up type of gal, but I enjoy taking these ducks out of the sky!  As you progress through the levels, the backgrounds become more realistic and you are able to purchase new weapons. 

A bonus for this game is your young boys and girls will really enjoy it.  I’ve had a hard time finding games that are simple and straight to the point for my young son.  When we are on a road trip, he’s constantly asking if he can play “shooting games” or “boy games.”  Duck Carnage has been a life saver for those trips!  The game also helps develop motor skills as they have to follow the ducks on the screen and press quickly in order to shoot them.  The sound effects are easy on the ears, but if you are really in a quiet spot, there are options to disable sound effects.

The name of the game is a little misleading – no real carnage takes place.  No blood or excessive violence, just fun cartoony play time.  Check out Duck Carnage now in the Android market.

Top 5 Games for Families in 2011

image 2011 is expected to be an awesome year for gaming.  Games have infused into our culture and its easy to understand why:  they are a stress-reliever.  Not only that, but with the Wii and Kinect from Xbox, they are becoming more interactive and good for the entire family.  Some of my best memories as a kid was when the family got together and played board games.  Even though the technology is much fancier, gaming together as a family offers the same results for your kids.


Nintendo Warns the 3DS Is Not for Preschoolers

Nintendo 3DS Aqua Blue Final Hardware

Children under age 6 should not use a forthcoming portable 3D video game player because it could permanently damage their eyesight, its manufacturer warned.

The Japanese company Nintendo plans to introduce its 3DS player in Japan in late February, with launches in the U.S. and other markets soon after.

Nintendo has posted a warning against use of the device in 3D mode by children younger than 6,  stating "a potential impact on the growth of children’s eyes."

Nintendo indicated that the danger lies in the fact that the neural processing that underlies eyesight is still developing in young children.

As a result, the company suggested, the delivery of different artificial images to the left and right eye — as all 3D video systems do — could be harmful to proper eyesight development.

Nintendo states the device can be switched to a 2D mode that should be safe for children.

The game company also recommended that adult 3DS users take breaks every 30 minutes when playing 3D games.

Users of current 3D systems that play on home television screens have reported nausea as well as eyestrain after prolonged usage.

Nintendo and other manufacturers currently recommend that users take regular breaks from these games, although the new warning is the first to suggest a 30-minute playtime limit.

See here for the full release.

Cooking Dash 3 Thrills and Spills Review

image Last night, I excitedly installed the pre-release of the new Cooking Dash 3 Thrills and Spills.  I’ve played a few casual games in my time, but haven’t delved into them lately.  If you have played previous Diner Dash games, you will remember Flo & her Grandma as the main characters.  They are back again, yet this time Flo and her friends are teenagers. 


Satisfy the Gaming Need

 My three year old has become a game addict.  I know. . .all the statistics and parenting classes would not approve if they saw the depths this child will endure to do some gaming.  Some families are heavily into sports, others are engulfed in fishing or outdoor sports, while our family loves computers.  The Internet and games to be more precise.  The problem lies in the fickle mentality of a three year old.  An online browser game can be challenging and tiring to a young end-user.  The rants of  "I want a Batman game," or "I need a DIFFERENT game," are constantly being demanded.


Best Practices to Teach Basic Computer Movement – Part One

It takes a lot of effort and time to teach a young child how to use a mouse or keyboard.  It takes even longer to get them comfortable enough to maneuver through a GUI with little effort.  Yet, once your toddler or young child becomes comfortable at this level, the amount of actual intervention on your part decreases immensely.  The goal is not to get them an interactive babysitter but to give them independent computer skills which will build them a strong foundation for their future.  Children of today will never remember a time when computers or the Internet did not play a predominate role in their lives. (Unless of course they grow up sheltered from modern technology.)  These kids excluded, the geeky child is engulfed by technology. 


The future of computers is fuzzy but one thing is certain:  they will never go away.  With that promising thought in mind, let’s get our children off on the right track and give them the tools to empower their lives with an open and ready to learn attitude.


Add This Page to Your Favorites

My daughter came to my office with me after her dance class this morning.  We had such a great time!  I scooted a chair up to my desk, opened up her juice box, and then printed off gobs of worksheets for her to complete.  I used the site to print the worksheets.  I am excited to have found the site.  The site description says there are thousands of worksheets & color sheets for free, and they aren’t kidding!  Not only are they free, but they are very good quality.  The site categorizes by age group and then into different subjects.  I’m very impressed by the site.  Usually if you are looking for worksheets, you run into websites with loads of pop-ups and links hidden within ads. is free of ads and no signing up.  Check it out and let your printer go wild!

Cooking Mama ‘mia!

image I purchased the Nintendo DS version of Cooking Mama in hopes my 4 year old wannabe Rachel Ray would entertain herself for at least 30 minutes. Instead of hammering in my fridge or breaking eggs in her miniature fantasy kitchen she could crack a few with the DS wand right? Wrong. Either her age or impatient temperament was a factor in their disagreement. Instead of freeing up some of my MUCH needed and desired relaxation time, I listened to cries and whines about how "Mama can’t do it…" or "I can’t do this!"


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