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The Rebooting Myth



When you have called into a Help Desk or into Computer Support and been told to reboot your computer, what is the first thing that comes to mind? “I just got blown off!” or, “What do they think I am, an idiot?” I know it seems that way. But be honest, how many times did the reboot work when trying to fix your issue? The answer is a good portion
of the time. The rebooting myth is that support just wants to get off the call.


Facebook Frustrations

eye strain Why do people have to mess with things that are perfectly fine the way they were?  Facebook is forever updating their site.  This can be okay but the last update is driving me nuts.  They have shrunk the font down to a size that literally gives me a headache within minutes of using it.  Granted I’m not 20 anymore but I’m not in need of glasses that are 3 inches thick either.  There has to be a happy medium between fitting more on a page and giving people eye strain.. 

In ranting and complaining to a few of my friends, one resolution albeit temporary was found.  This resolution will affect other sites so make sure you “undo” your actions before going to a new site.  When you are on Facebook hold the Control Key and the + sign down.  This increases the size of your browser as a whole.  It is using the browsers zoom function.  You can also go to the View menu option and choose Zoom.  To undo this hold the Control Key and the – sign.   

Another change Facebook has implemented is while you are chatting with someone it adds your picture to every chat message you send and their picture to their responses.  It doesn’t hurt anything but it was an unnecessary change.  It doesn’t add any functionality and it doesn’t make chatting easier to do.  It in fact takes up more room and frankly I don’t think I need to constantly see my picture with every line I type. 

Change is not always easy for people, but on the flip side, change is not always necessary. 

Facebook will never make everyone happy.  It’s just not possible.  One change can have 100 people loving it and 2000 people hating it and vice versa.  I just wish that they would stop and think about the changes they make and ask themselves the following questions:  Is it necessary?  Does it INCREASE functionality?  Is it just fluff?  Can it be undone if half the population of Facebook hate it?  Are there options for people who don’t want to use the new change?  What are the reasons behind the change?  Once those questions are asked and answered, then make the change.   I bet they’d find that not every idea needs to be implemented and not every option explored.  In the meantime, if they could increase the font size and I’d be ecstatic! 

Chat Programs in the Work Place … Productivity Increase or Are We Just Lazy?

image There is a growing debate in a lot of workplace circles on whether or not to allow chat programs for employee use.  Speaking from someone who was in the workplace long before online chat was even thought of, there are a lot of positive aspects to it and only a few negative that I can see.  Now to preface this – I am not an expert, I am a normal employee who works 8am – 5pm.  So don’t go and show your boss this article and expect him/her to implement chat immediately.  But he/she may weigh the pros and cons himself/herself and decide to implement the changes at their own pace, if they are smart!  


Internet and Email Safety

image With the use of computers and the internet comes certain threats. If you are going to be active on the internet or in email or even if you will be only somewhat active when accessing email and the internet you should take steps to protect yourself. Two of the biggest threats right now are Virus’s and Identity/Account Theft. Below are a few simple steps you can take to protect yourself.


Chat Terminology

Have you ever gotten an email or been chatting with someone and come across what looks like a foreign language in front of you? Basically it is a foreign language. It’s Chat Speak or Chat Terminology. It is a completely separate form of communication created by chatters and gamers who didn’t want to type out whole words of commonly used phrases.


Exposed – Purpose of a Recycle Bin

image Recycle Bin = Trash can

Let’s say you have a banana peel and you take your banana peel and walk it over to your garbage can and drop it in. In 15 days are you going to walk back over to the garbage can and pick up your banana peel? I’m guessing the answer is NO. Okay, so I’m truly HOPING the answer is no, because that would be really disturbing. Many, many, many, computer users do those same steps with their recycle bin. Granted not with banana peels but you get the point.


Computer Basics – Office 2007 Quick Access Toolbar

Microsoft Office 2007 products have a new feature called a Quick Access Toolbar. It is located at the top, left, corner of each program, whether it be Excel or Word.  When they created 2007, they moved a lot of things around making it interesting for the users to find the functions they used on a regular basis.  The Quick Access Toolbar gives you a shortcut at finding some of the options you had before.  It automatically comes with the save, redo and undo functions, but you can customize it to add other functions you use a lot.  I personally use the Print option the most and now with the new layout of Office 2007 it would be a lot easier if I had it on my Quick Access Toolbar.


Setting up your Signature for Emails:


Need help setting up your signature for your emails? If you send a lot of emails, this simple step can save a lot of typing.

In Outlook Express, click Tools and then Options. In this window you will want to select the Signatures Tab. Click the New Button on the right hand side. And then in the lower section under Edit Signature you can free type your signature anyway you would like it to appear. Once you have finished typing the text, click apply. At the top of the window check the option to include the signature on all outgoing messages and click OK.


Mail Merge in Word 2007

Word 2007 Mail Merge

Let’s say you have a mailing to do that consists of 100 envelopes. Do you really want to manually address each envelope? I know I wouldn’t. Word has a feature called Mail Merge to help with these types of things.

In order to use the Mail Merge function you need to create a “data” file. Keeping with the example of addressing 100 envelopes, you would create an Excel spreadsheet and in the spreadsheet you would enter in the data you want to appear on the envelopes. First name, Last name, address, city, state, zip code, etc…