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Android Wi-Fi Tethering

This news is a couple months old, but somehow I missed it!  r2 Apparently, owning an Android-based phone will not only give you access to  thousands of awesome apps, but your own personal portable internet router!

A friend of mine told me she heard this was coming soon and wanted me to check into it. 

With ‘Froyo,’ Google’s code word for Android 2.2, you will be able to make your phone a portable Wi-Fi hotspot.  So, anywhere you have phone service, you will have Internet!  Your laptop will see your phone as a wireless network, and connect right up.  This has been available with the PalmOS phones for additional cost.  Its not sure if there will be a cost associated with the tethering, but I’m hoping they keep it free!

This is very exciting, and sets the stage for your phone to really be like a mini-robot.  I always joke that my Android phone is my very own personal R2D2…and it definitely is just as handy as the Star Wars version. . . light-saber app & all!


Check out these articles on the subject:

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Satisfy the Gaming Need

 My three year old has become a game addict.  I know. . .all the statistics and parenting classes would not approve if they saw the depths this child will endure to do some gaming.  Some families are heavily into sports, others are engulfed in fishing or outdoor sports, while our family loves computers.  The Internet and games to be more precise.  The problem lies in the fickle mentality of a three year old.  An online browser game can be challenging and tiring to a young end-user.  The rants of  "I want a Batman game," or "I need a DIFFERENT game," are constantly being demanded.


Found a new place to shop!

I ran across a site called Clever Cuties, which sells apparel for geeks and nerds.  There are several places to find geeky gear like this, but I was really impressed with the site layout, additional features, and the artwork on the apparel is really geeky cute!

The “My Mom’s a Geek” t-shirt seems to fit Geeky really well, don’t you think?…not an affiliate but a really fun place to do some virtual shopping.

Best Practices to Teach Basic Computer Movement – Part One

It takes a lot of effort and time to teach a young child how to use a mouse or keyboard.  It takes even longer to get them comfortable enough to maneuver through a GUI with little effort.  Yet, once your toddler or young child becomes comfortable at this level, the amount of actual intervention on your part decreases immensely.  The goal is not to get them an interactive babysitter but to give them independent computer skills which will build them a strong foundation for their future.  Children of today will never remember a time when computers or the Internet did not play a predominate role in their lives. (Unless of course they grow up sheltered from modern technology.)  These kids excluded, the geeky child is engulfed by technology. 


The future of computers is fuzzy but one thing is certain:  they will never go away.  With that promising thought in mind, let’s get our children off on the right track and give them the tools to empower their lives with an open and ready to learn attitude.


Strawberry Girl’s Dreamsicle




 New Recipe from My Little Geek

  This drink is good for evening get-togethers and movie nights.  My little girl came up with all the ingredients.  You will need a blender or a smoothie maker.  In this example, we use a blender.


  Strawberry Girl’s Dreamsicle

3 scoops of ice cream

1/4 cup of sugar

2 cups of milk

1/4 cup ice (a few cubes or crushed)

1 cup of Strawberry milk mix


Blend until smooth.  Serves 3.

Cooking Mama ‘mia!

image I purchased the Nintendo DS version of Cooking Mama in hopes my 4 year old wannabe Rachel Ray would entertain herself for at least 30 minutes. Instead of hammering in my fridge or breaking eggs in her miniature fantasy kitchen she could crack a few with the DS wand right? Wrong. Either her age or impatient temperament was a factor in their disagreement. Instead of freeing up some of my MUCH needed and desired relaxation time, I listened to cries and whines about how "Mama can’t do it…" or "I can’t do this!"


Free Online Educational Games for Kids


Here’s a list of my kids’ favorite online games. . .they don’t even realize they are learning!

Star Fall
My three year old daughter loves this website. She learned her letters in a matter of days, and also what sound each letter makes. The main purpose of Star Fall is to focus on teaching children how to read. This site is great because you aren’t required to download anything and they update the content on a continuous basis. If kids have gone through the entire site a few times, they can come back a week later and there will be something new for them to do. The manner in which content is displayed is very intuitive and easy for preschoolers to follow. This is a must have bookmarked site if you have preschool aged children. is another free educational game site that continues to provide fun interactive activities for kids of all ages.

The Kidz Page
The Kidz Page is loaded with activities for kids. From education games, to printouts, to games that are just plain entertaining, this site is an endless resource for parents wanting to give their kids computer time without having to worry.

Sheppard Software
The Sheppard Software website offers free online games with educational value for older children. The content is broken down into different subjects, such as Math, Vocabulary & Science. The games are entertaining and don’t make you feel like you are learning. I personally enjoy the ‘Math Man’ game, it takes me back to my Ms.PacMan faze but I’m actually working my brain while playing!

Newbie 101: Preventing Data Loss

image I rebooted. That was the last thing I did to my computer. During the reboot, a strange beeping noise permeated from the tower. I cringed at the thought of what had just happened. Immediately I knew that my hard drive was fuxxored. The reality made my spine cringe, as if nails were scrapping a virtual chalkboard. Years of pictures, movies, music; all lost with a click of the mouse.

This is a hard lesson for anyone who invests time and money into their computer system. A computer is only as good as the data it holds. Without my data, the programs running on the computer seemed empty and useless. The hardest part about this whole situation was it held precious photos and videos from my daughter’s first year of life.


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