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Super Easy Rice Noodle Soup

This recipe is so super easy and fast, even your children can improvise on this one!  Its fresh and nutritious and tastes so good!

Super Easy Recipes – Asian Lettuce Wraps



Asian Lettuce Wraps

You will need:

Romaine Lettuce
Broccoli Cabbage slaw mix
Asian Ginger Dressing
Almond slivers

Separate lettuce into individual pieces and arrange on a plate. In a bowl, mix chicken with dressing and almonds.  (Add enough dressing to cover chicken and almonds.) Heat in the microwave for 3 minutes. Top the lettuce slices with broccoli cabbage mixture. Add the chicken mixture at the end. You can pick up each lettuce wrap for easy and delicious eating. Yummy!

How to Make Your Own Funny Gifs


Sometimes, our PE classes get a little out of hand.  Today, we were doing our regular swimming lesson when suddenly it crossed over into the realm of crossfit.  My son rode his bike into the pool, then dove in and retrieved it about 10 times!  He said he was in beast mode! lol  Sounds exactly like something my crossfit group would make me do for time.

But, during these antics, I decided it was a great time to take a funny video for my YouTube channel and Social Media.  Gifs are so much fun to create and really easy to share.  No video player or sound needed, and the message comes across loud and clear.

For this gif, I recorded a video of my son’s bike antics in slow motion.  Then I imported it into a program called GIFMaker.  Its a free app on the Google PlayStore.  The app allows you to add text, apply a filter, crop the video, adjust contrast, etc.  You can also use picture series to create a GIF.  I left the watermark advertising the app on the gif, but you can certainly remove that option in the settings.

Here’s our result…just another homeschooling day on the Space Coast, Florida.  I challenge you to make your own funny gifs!


Super Easy Halloween Party Ideas

We enjoyed decorating and creating fun recipes for our annual Halloween party!  This year’s theme was “So Simply Fun It’s Scary” which we setup by our pool, and included a fog machine, star show lights, and a great time for kids young and old!  Check out some of our highlights:


Adventures in Homeschooling

Last year, my children and I moved across the country to Florida.  We moved into a much homeschoolingwarmer climate, a farm, and even more opportunities.  One of those opportunities was to homeschool.  We have been talking about homeschooling for awhile, but our lifestyle at the time wasn’t open for it.  Suddenly, we realized this is possible.   (more…)

Top 5 Reasons to Go Back to School

Did you go to school right after high school, but after living the college life, decided to go back to work and earn a living?adult learner going back to school According to Classes and, 33% of  college students drop out before finishing their degree.  Students have many reasons to quit, including financial difficulties, lack of scholarships, or unsure of what program they want to study. After years of working, many people find they are ready for a career change, but the lack of a college degree is keeping them from advancing or switching careers. Some people are looking to earn more money, and a college degree will propel them into those opportunities. Here’s a list to help you see if finishing your degree would be right for you. (more…)

Going Back to College

Students of all ages may face obstacles when going to college.  Yet, for the returning adult student, going back to school may seem like a daunting challenge.
Adult students may have other responsibilities and commitments which young freshman do not face. (more…)

The Art of Doing Nothing

Boredom Inspiration is a foundation of our lives, a cornerstone that should be revered and never taken lightly.  One of my favorite webpreneurs and bloggers is life coach Jeannette Maw.  She has inspired so many people to live happier and fuller lives.  She has created a network of people who are busy creating and happily living the lives of their dreams.  As a deliberate creator studying the law of attraction, she wrote about how ‘doing nothing’ can help you re-align yourself with what you want.  This re-alignment might spring you into action, set you on a new course of being, or simply make you feel better.  Feeling better is the end result most people desire. (more…)

Remove Your Identity from Google Ads

Google announced a changed in service this week which allows them to post your image and identity next to ads.  These ads can show up on YouTube, online banners – really anywhere Google ads are present.  Hint – Google Ads are everywhere!

You have the option to remove yourself from these ‘shared endorsements,’ but you have to uncheck a setting on your google+.

To remove yourself from this option – Go to

Uncheck the box next to “Based on my activity, Google may show my name and profile…”.


Click Save.

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