Top 5 Reasons to Go Back to School

Did you go to school right after high school, but after living the college life, decided to go back to work and earn a living?adult learner going back to school According to Classes and, 33% of  college students drop out before finishing their degree.  Students have many reasons to quit, including financial difficulties, lack of scholarships, or unsure of what program they want to study. After years of working, many people find they are ready for a career change, but the lack of a college degree is keeping them from advancing or switching careers. Some people are looking to earn more money, and a college degree will propel them into those opportunities. Here’s a list to help you see if finishing your degree would be right for you.

Reason #5 – Job Promotions

Students who go back to school after years in the workforce may find that they are being passed up from job opportunities in their field. Many employers encourage education and will help pay for you to go back to school. Talk with your Human Resource department and see what kinds of opportunities are available to you. Your employer will be impressed with your willingness to succeed, and you will earn a degree that can follow you throughout your life.

Reason #4 – Switch Careers

In the past, people stayed with the same company in the same career for their lifetime. This is not as common today as industries have changed due to outsourcing, and global competition. Employees have more options and are looking to improve their life situation. Going back to school gives you the chance to pursue the career you may have dreamed about as a child.

Reason #3 – Financial Increase

The old adage remains – those with college degrees do earn more money. Students often raise the question of whether continuing their education is the right choice due to financial aid and rising college tuition. Yet, recent studies by the College Board have shown that those with college degrees are more likely to be employed and earn more money.

Reason #2 – Complete Your Bucket List

If you already have some college credits under your belt, returning to college may be one of those life goals you have yet to complete. With those credits already completed, you are already ahead of the game and won’t take as long to finish your degree.

Reason #1 – Personal Growth

Once you complete your degree, you will have a valuable resource for a lifetime. A degree is more than a piece of paper – the knowledge and connections you make during your time in school will help you grow as a person. For many people, college is the best time of their life. Extended learning students have the advantage of life experience, and understand they want to be there. You have more confidence now and are ready for the challenges of school and see them as opportunities to grow.

Interested in going back to school? These extended learning programs are available online and on campus:

Dickinson State Extended Learning at

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