The Internet is a Priceless Utility

internet-speed How much money would it take for you to not use the Internet anymore?  If someone came up to you and said, “I’ll give you a million dollars, but you can never get online again,” would you take the offer? 

My co-workers and I are definitely geeks.  So geeky, in fact, that we weren’t sure what amount of money you’d have to give us in order to live a life of Internet chastity.  I posed the same question to another friend of mine, and he insisted that he’d take a million and not even think twice about it.  But, as we grow increasingly dependent upon instant knowledge and entertainment, I wonder how long he could truly last without it?

50 years ago very few households owned a television.  Today, television is a household standard and almost every single home in the United States has some sort of television.  Whether or not they connect through digital antenna, or their cable or satellite provider, most households still own a television.  But, as the Internet prospers and companies like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon begin streaming media, I foresee the end of regular television.  The only limitation thus far is sports.  Espn offers limited viewing online of sports games.  Also, Playstation 3 is now offering the full NFL package.  If these online media outlets continue to dive into the world of streaming entertainment, their only obstacle is sports media. 

When I meet new people, I always ask if they watch Netflix or if they have cable.  Surprisingly, most of the responses are they watch Netflix thru their gaming console.  Several of these people have gotten rid of their cable or satellite altogether.

Internet is becoming the first and foremost utility for America’s households.  How could we have ever lived without it? 

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