High Tech Baby Gear

Personally, I’ve been out of the baby game for a couple years.  We’ve moved into the toddler stages.  This post is for all you new geeky moms who are lucky to live in the 21st century!


Parental Exercise Bikes

Why not get your work out in when the baby won’t sleep at night? You get fit and the motion of the bike puts the baby to sleep.  Awesome.


Why Cry Baby Monitor

This device analyzes a baby’s cry and displays the possible reason for the crying via an LCD screen.  It offers five possible categories:  hungry, bored, stressed, annoyed or tired.  Maybe in 50 years it will just spurt out exactly what the baby is thinking!


Temperature Controlled Baby Stroller

Just in case you are worried the bundles of blankets surrounding your baby isn’t enough.  image

Humanized Temperature

This gadget takes the motion of a parent putting their hand on their child’s forehead to check their temperature.  But, instead of saying “well, you do feel warm” the parent can say, you are running at 101.1! 


Mommy I’m Here Kid Tracking Device

When the baby starts walking, they can get out of your reach very quickly!  You clip the teddy bear onto the child’s shoe, or belt, and if they get farther than 25 feet away from you it sounds an alert to the receiver on your keychain.   I could have used “Mommy I’m Here” in the early walking years!  I wonder if this would work on my teenager when we go to the mall.  (teehee)


BabySport Water Bottle Nipple Adapter

Talk about the ultimate gadget!  Inexpensive, low-tech, but ingenious!  Have you ever forgotten to bring a bottle with you to the store?  Did you leave the house for a trip up the road, only to have the baby screaming because you forgot their bottle?  If you keep one of these water bottle nipple adapters in your purse, you can grab a water bottle and throw it on the top.  Just don’t put it on a bottle of soda pop, your doctor will definitely not approve!


It’s amazing how many high tech baby gadgets are available in today’s world.  Leave a comment if you have a baby gadget that you couldn’t imagine living without.

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