Prepare Yourself for Christmas Day Gadgets and Toys

image As Christmas approaches, the thought came across my mind that a lot of kids and spouses will be getting wonderful techie gadgets and toys!  This is wonderful for the one receiving the gifts, but often times Moms are stuck putting together or figuring out all these gadgets on Christmas day.  Wouldn’t be nice to sit back with a nice cup of coffee, while the kiddies and husbands play without bothering us?  I think so too.


1.  Buy lots of batteries.  LOTS. 

Make sure to get a variety of batteries.  Double-A is most common for toys, but you never know when you’ll need an 8-volt.  Check your toys when you buy them and verify you have the right battery. 


2.  Open toys beforehand.

For those toys that require lots of batteries, or the removal of a bazillion twist ties, open them up discreetly.  Put in the batteries and carefully put back into the packaging.  Kids won’t notice the difference, and teens will be grateful to not mess with the hassle!


3.  Demo your gadget.

If you purchased any gaming system, open it up and try it out.  Charge up the portable gaming systems.  Make sure you have the right cables for your TVs or monitors.  When the children opens the gift, you will be a master at getting it ready for them!


4.  Relax.

The holidays are about spending quality time with your family.  If the kids get on toy overload, take everyone outside for a nice snowball fight!  If you are fortunate to live in warm climates over the holidays, get some fresh air together and play an outside sport.  You can incorporate some of your new toys.  For instance, a set of walkie talkies is perfect for any child or teen and very inexpensive.  They give a great excuse to go outside and test them out.


Preparing yourself for the gift opening will make your holiday much easier!  Enjoy yourself and be present in every moment…minus the battery hunt and paper cuts!

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