In Defense of the Casual Gamer

The amazing world of gaming has now expanded to cell phones!  Does my addiction to phone apps qualify me as a gamer?  This has became a huge debate in my circle of friends!  I have been defending my gamer status to a few of them lately and it has raised the question what qualifies someone as a gamer?  So was born this article and the official defense of the casual gamer. 

How many times a day do i log into my phone?  Countless! I play it in the car, while shopping, anytime I’m standing in line, waiting for food at a restaurant, watching TV, well you get the picture.  I have been known to wake up in the middle of the night and make sure my animals have water and everything looks ok.   Does that make me a gamer?  I think so! 

When I’m with others that share my gaming interest much of our time  is spent playing games or excited talk about new apps about to come out.  We have caught each other playing during meals, during conversations, even at the bar.  Is that gaming?  Without a doubt.  We had another friend that used to play as well  but he got so angry at the game and how much time it was taking from his life he erased it from his phone.  In my opinion you know what that was?  Rage quitting!! 

Just because we don’t play the games of death does not make  us “casual gamers” any less hardcore then the rest of gamers of the world.  The fact is we spend  much of our life logged in our apps, comparing notes with friends, even getting so angry we rage quit!  Many of us play more then one game and enjoy “talking trash” to other phone gamers!  We do research on the companies that make these amazing portable games and anxiously wait for new game apps to come out.  If for some horrible reason my phone should shut down I honestly would probably miss the apps more then the actual phone!  Does this make me an official gamer? I think so.

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  1. Nicole
    November 12, 2010 at 12:07 pm (7 years ago)

    “Just because we don’t play the games of death…”

    I love this! I think no matter what kind of game, if you have invested time, knowledge and fun into it then you are a gamer. Even tabletop gamers can rage quit.

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