Planes Trains and Automobiles

train So I was reading the news this morning, and to get a good balance I often like to read both the Drudge Report, which seem to me to contain more conservative political views. And then weigh it against something like ABC News in what I feel to be a more liberal side of the coin. I actually enjoy reading the Report more because most of the political headlines read almost exactly like something out of the The Onion, so I usually get a good laugh just browsing the headliners.

Today I ran across this article describing that the government had given huge stimulus packages to states that would enter into contracts to put up high-speed rail between big cities in the US, the GOP  has vowed to shut it down after the big gains in the house last week.

It brings into sharp contrast the Federal Reserve and the Obama administrations strategy to stimulate the economy through continuing to devalue the dollar. They are making a bid to cash in and reinvest that wealth into the infrastructure, just like was done with the highway interstate system in the great depression.

High speed trains are good because they can offer less congested skies over major cities, and help relax traffic in cases of emergency. But the fact remains the nations private passenger train companies have been having enormous problems lately. It cost nearly as much to ride the train as it does just to rent a car and drive yourself. But if I must admit it if I was going to get to travel on the ground at 186 miles an hour I would ride the train more…

The real issue isn’t a question of a society risking capital in the high speed train industry. Instead it is whether or not the US wants to further devalue the wealth of the country by using the value of the US currency as leverage. Even if the depression is broken and the economy starts to boom, its only a patch on a ever expanding leak on the fiat currency system.

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