Top Ten Techie Bad Habits

We’ve all got “bad” habits.  If you’ve been using a computer for over ten years, then yes, YOU have issues too. 

nail biting and stress, stop nail biting kidsTechie Bad Habit #1 – Speaking in Emoticons or Internet Lingo

I’ve been a victim of this habit.  “Slash cry more,” or instead of really laughing, saying out loud “L – O – L,” or adding an ‘x’or” to normal words (fuxxored, roxxored, suxxors, etc.)  Some times normal people will look at me funny.  I can’t help it.  The words just stumble out of my mouth like I’m swearing.  My teen son says “rofl” as a real word, not just an acronym.  Oddly enough, geek speak is becoming quite common place in youngsters vocabulary.  I wonder how long it will take for ‘lol’ or “rofl’ to hit Webster’s.

Techie Bad Habit #2 – Sitting Too Long

How many times have you been on your computer for so long, that you think, “Wow how long has it been since I stood up?”  Not getting up and taking a break is a really bad habit for techie geeks.  When a twinge in your back, or your stomach starts growling, you know its time to get up and visit the real world a bit. 


Techie Bad Habit #3 – Never Rebooting

My computers rock.  They withstand all my random multitasking without hardly complaining.  Then suddenly, a lock up occurs, or screens move at a crawl still.  Oh, maybe I should reboot!  What, has it been a month?  But then I would have to close down all my programs and lose my place in this vast virtual world.  Sigh, let them reboot for goodness sake.  Better yet – schedule a reboot in the Windows Scheduled Tasks tool. 


Techie Bad Habit #4 – Hardcore Coding

Some people really do have to know how to write code.  Thankfully, I’m not one of those people.  Sure, I know how to edit html, troubleshoot some vb scripts, or look through PHP on my site, but other than that, I use strictly a CMS to give me what I need.  Tools have been written by the hardcore coding genius.  Why should you beat yourself up and try to reinvent the wheel?


Techie Bad Habit #5 – Elitism

Just because you know about all the techie gadgets in the world, and can fix a multitude of computer issues, doesn’t make you better than anyone else.  Techies tend to be elitists – its a hard habit to break.  Eventually, the rest of the world will catch up to this computer/information age, and you won’t be able to strut yourself anymore.  Expand your knowledge beyond computers.  Maybe then you can walk the walk!


Techie Bad Habit #6 – Not Being Well Rounded

Of course you want to be the person everyone comes to for fixing their techie issues, but you don’t want to be just “that” person.  Pick up a book or magazine that has nothing to do with technology or computers.  Make it a goal to find at least one other interest besides technology and keep yourself well-rounded.


Techie Bad Habit #7 – Identifying Technology in Entertainment

Have you ever watched a movie or TV show and noticed what OS they are using, when it pans to a computer screen?  Go back and watch the old Sandra Bullock movie “The Net.”  The computer technology in that movie is ridiculous!  Maybe in the 90s it looked high-tech, but now it’s pretty ridiculous.  It’s really hard for non-techies to watch these types of movies with techie geeks.  Instead of enjoying the characters or the depth of the movie, we tend to be realists and turn it into a viewing of Mystery Science Theatre.  This is a really hard habit to get out of, especially if you deal with technology on a daily basis.  Keep it to yourself – let others enjoy their show in peace.


Techie Bad Habit #8 – Cannot Be Without the Internet

As the world becomes more connected, it truly is harder to get ‘away from it all.’  Have you ever went camping but only went to a campground that provided wireless?  Does your phone have Internet?  It’s pretty impossible to let go and relax if you still feel enslaved to your phone or laptop.  My husband has actually stopped us on our vacation drive in search of a hotel parking lot that had a wireless hotspot.  We’ve since conquered this by setting up tethering on our mobile phones.  Needless to say, letting go of the Internet for 24 hours is just as difficult as giving up caffeine.


Techie Bad Habit #9 – Living Virtually

The virtual world computers and the Internet have provided is amazing.  If you were to tell me 20 years ago that you could one day have an entirely separate life in a different world, and have friends you never physically meet, I would have been perplexed.

I remember the first time I got online and wrote something on a board.  I truly couldn’t believe other people from across the world responded to me.  In that moment, I knew everything had changed, and there was no going back.

As a techie geek, it is very tempting to dive yourself into cyberspace, chat, go on raids, play some casual games with virtual peeps, and maybe use a webcam.  The comfort zone of only dealing with people virtually is so appealing!  I do love people, but there is something amazing about be reclusive.  I know I’m not the only geek who feels that way!  With that being said, it’s really important to live a life outside of cyberspace.  The ‘real’ world is just as amazing!  Watching it pass by from your computer monitor is not healthy. 

Techie Bad Habit #10 – Equipment Hoarding

Every now and then, I go through the stuff in my garage and storage room.  Do I ever throw away old computer equipment?  Hell no!

Who knows when Armageddon might hit, and the only 19 inch CRT in existence is mine!  Or there may be a day when all the mice in the house aren’t working, and I’ need to pull out my old PS2 mouse from 1998.  It could happen right?

The problem is that I can’t find that old mouse when I needed it.  The CRT monitor needs loads of power and would have to be used as an end table if Armageddon hits.  This habit of hoarding old equipment is definitely a techie downfall.  How do you possibly depart from old junk, when at one time it was an amazing piece of technology? 

Lots of non-techie people could use some of your old stuff.  I’ve given away equipment to thrift stores and woman shelters.  As long as it works, and is still useful in this day and age, its much better off being used, than hiding out in a box under the stairs.  Think of the tax deductions!


The moral of the story?

Geeks tend to internalize these habits more so and really feel like they need to be broken.  Sometimes habits are personality traits and make you unique.  Embrace who you are, whether you are a techie geek, comic geek, freak geek…(you get the point.)  Enjoy the technology the world has given us, but take a break and spend time with your kids.  Each moment counts!

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