High Tech Travels – Day One

Geeky Moms is on their way to PAX West.  PAX is a three day convention and gaming extravaganza in Seattle.  I am very excited to meet with other female business owners and also Montanta mountains pic with HTC Eris see how the spectrum of women gaming has changed.  No longer are gamers just nerdy men who never bath or stay in their basements.  Over half of all gamers are women!  Not only that, but gaming companies are starting to realize that women are the ones buying games, no matter if its for themselves, kids or significant others. 


My husband and I are road tripping through Montana, Idaho and then lastly Washington.  On this journey, it has been a personal challenge to see how connected we can stay, no matter how many mountains surround us!

Here’s a list of my  techie gear:

  • HTC Eris running Android 2.2
  • Gateway Laptop model MX6296
  • Car Power Converter with USB

Honestly, this is all you need for ultimate coverage!  My phone is my camera, Internet, MP3 player and messaging system.  This is the best all-in-one gadget for traveling!  The pictures aren’t the best quality in the world, compared to stand-alone cameras, but hell, I also don’t have a clumsy camera to carry everywhere.

Internet Everywhere

Remember the article on tethering your Android phone your mobile phone so you can have internet anywhere?  A friend of mine told me about an app for the Android called PDANet.  It allows you to connect to your phone to your laptop with USB or Bluetooth and tethers the phone as the Internet device!  While driving through the beautiful Montana scenery, I downloaded PDANet to my Eris, installed it onto my laptop, and then voila!  We now have internet everywhere we have phone service (and with Verizon coverage that seems to be almost everywhere!) 

My husband was very excited, but not very thrilled to have me taking pictures while driving through curvy mountain roads!  LOL

  internet everywhere j freaking out

Car Power Converter with USB

Everyone who travels needs some sort of power converter for your car.  You plug it into your cigarette lighter, and you instantly have a power connection for your laptop, xbox,, phone charger, etc. 


Well, we are getting ready to get back on the road.  Until next time, fellow Geeks!

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