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Have you ever gotten an email or been chatting with someone and come across what looks like a foreign language in front of you? Basically it is a foreign language. It’s Chat Speak or Chat Terminology. It is a completely separate form of communication created by chatters and gamers who didn’t want to type out whole words of commonly used phrases.

As you start getting acquainted with it, ask questions to find out what the phrases mean. The more that you see the phrases and use them the easier it will be to figure out when new ones appear. Also there are websites out there that are very helpful in this area. Urban Dictionary is the one I use the most, but there are others that you can find with a simple Google search.

People start out using this terminology when chatting but it has a way of sneaking into other forms of communication like emails and I can honestly say I have verbally said LOL once or twice. (I’m not technically proud of that)

Below are a few of the common Chat Speaks and their meanings:

LOL = laugh out loud *lets you tell the person you are chatting with that you thought whatever they said was funny and sometimes it means that you literally laughed out loud*

LMAO = laughing my a$$ off *means you laughed really hard at whatever they said or did*

OMG = Oh my god *commonly used in phrases like "Like, OMG did you see what she was wearing???"

ROFLMAO = Roll on the Floor Laughing My A$$ Off *pretty self – explanatory means you laughed really really really really hard*

WTH = What in the Hell?

BTW = by the way

BRB = be right back

TTYL = Talk to you later

The chat terminology can be typed in CAPS if you are excited or upset or in lower case for general use.

I hope this article is helpful! TTYL!

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