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One of my favorite Android Apps of all time, the CardioTrainer by Worksmart Labs is now even better.  I finally installed the update to this software the other day, and wow am I impressed.  Let’s go over what the CardioTrainer app is, how it works and how to get it.


Brief History

The CardioTrainer app launched it’s beta program in November of 2008, the very first day the Android Market went public.  It offered the ability to map your location through GPS, record your workouts, and give you an idea of how many calories you’ve burned.  Worksmart soon launched an update to the app.  They offer a premium membership which allows you to track your weight loss and a race against yourself feature.

I downloaded the app in December of 2009 after the sweet purchase of my HTC Eris.  Exercising in the winter up north is not usually something I enjoy.  But, ironically with the ability to track all the mileage and time I’m putting into walking, hiking, or biking, it became almost a game to see how far I could go!  I’ve used the CardioTrainer app for the past 7 months and have experienced extreme results. 

How It Works

When you start it up, it goes to a beginning screen and gives you the option to record your workout immediately.  Once you click on “Start Workout” the map screen comes up and will auto-start logging your track.  image Choose the drop-down arrow next to “Walking” or “Running” to change it to whatever workout you are doing at this time.  You can select different options, such as if you are hiking outdoors that day, rather than walking indoors on a treadmill.

Once you are finished, hit the stop button labeled “End Workout.”  You now have the option to either save your workout or discard.  If you choose to save the workout, it keeps the history on the CardiacTrainer website.  You have your own personal url you can visit on the CardiacTrainer website, and this is available under the Settings icon.  Your track gets saved and you can see a high-level view of where you’ve been.  On the right-hand side, it displays more details such as time, distance, your pace and the amount of calories you burned.


That’s it!  Your workout has been saved up to Facebook (if you have that option enabled) and you can review the history of it and see how many miles you’ve gone since starting to use the app.

The History icon on the bottom menu shows you how far you’ve gone, how many workouts, including time and distance. 

Move Your Bot

Another added feature you can install is a module called “Move Your Bot.”  You compete against other friends who are using the same app.  The more you use it the more energy points you get.  Whoever has the most energy points is the leader.  I haven’t used this feature very much, as I have a limited number of friends using the application.  You can also purchase a “Lose Weight” module for $2.99 which helps you track how much weight you’ve lost, and gives you goals on how to lose a particular amount of weight.


Several options are available to you under the Settings icon. 

Use miles & pounds

Unchecking this option will let you use the metric system for tracking mileage and weight.

Send track automatically

Unchecking this box will turn off the function of it uploading your saved workouts to the CardiacTrainer website.

Enable Voice Output/Voice Output Settings

I have this turned off, but you can have an audio alert tell you how much time has passed, and if the workout has paused.  You can set your own interval for how often it alerts you. 

Music Settings

I usually run Pandora in the background on my workouts, but you can enable it to play the music off your playlist automatically when your workout starts.  You can also choose which playlist to use, for instance if you create a playlist specifically for working out, you can direct the app to play music from that list.  How awesome!

Show Map

You can either use a Google Map display under the track, or turn the Google Map image off.

GPS/Pedometer Settings

These options allow you to set the frequency that the GPS will be updated.  I have mine set to every 10 secs. 

Display pace instead of speed

If you uncheck this option, the pace will display miles per hour, rather than miles per minute.  The default if to have this option checked, and I have left mine that way.


Leave this at the default as well.

Calorie Calculator Settings

Enter in your current weight to get more accurate calories burned readings. As you shed the weight, remember to update your new number!

Autostart & Autopause Settings

You can set the time interval for how long you want it to run until it automatically beings  your workout.  Set to Never to disable the autostart feature.


This is where you input your Facebook info if you want your workouts to be posted to your Wall.  You can also add a Facebook tab entitled CardioTrainer which will give you a graph of all your view while using CardiacTrainer workouts!  I love that feature, but am not so sure about the Wall postings.  I’ve gotten a few comments from people, but mostly positive feedback.  I generally don’t like to post much to my Wall unless it’s meaningful.  But, on the other hand, while I’m working out I have the added incentive to go farther or faster because I know all my friends will see how I did!

How To Get CardioTrainer

From your Android phone, go to the Market, do a search for “CardioTrainer,” install and run!  It’s very simple and free!  You get a free trial of the Lose Weight and Racing modules, but I haven’t extended them yet.  I may go forward and purchase those modules in the future.

Download it today – it is a life changing program!  You will have fun exercising, improve your wellness and compete with your friends at the same time. 

All screenshots are property of WorkSmart Labs, IncCardioTrainer is owned and licensed by WorkSmart Labs, Inc.  No affiliation or freebies were given to the reviewer of this app.
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