Relax, Your Systems Love you!

imageYep, I’m about to embark on a journey of techie self-discovery and discuss how  our energy works in a symbiotic relationship with our computer systems. 


Are you ready?

My day job as a system admin for a healthcare facility has really challenged me to view IT in a different way.  There have been days where I am being paged on my way to work, called in the middle of the night, or bugged as I’m sitting down in a movie theatre.  24/7 systems need lots of love and attention! 


Yet, as I’ve put out fires and reinvented the wheel to solve problems, I realized that I had grown quite attached to this constant bugging.  The ego really plays into the fact that a patient somewhere is dependent upon system uptime, server speed, and application fixes.  I grew to believe that without me, the hospital would come to a standstill! 

Then, I went on vacation (first time away in a couple years!)  Somehow, my precious babies managed to run and deliver record after record without me.  I couldn’t help but check my email periodically just to make sure everything was ok.  By day 5 of my vacation, I began to lose the urge to check and double-check.  Really, all was well with them, and I didn’t even have to be there for them to be OK.

I relaxed. I breathed.  The freedom was intense and I realized that my codependency on the ‘need’ to be ‘needed’ was causing these computer systems to respond negatively.  Sometimes it takes a real vacation to realize this.  This is true from all technology.  When we take a moment to step back away from our smart phones, laptops, consoles, etc, we gain relief from their hold on us.  Every day we should take a moment away from technology and look around at the world around you.  Technology is a tool to enhance our lives but can easily become a chain which binds you. 

I love my computer, my servers, my Android, my website, my [insert techie gadget here]…but they have their place and don’t overtake my life.  My advice to all those workers, gamers, surfers, texters:  take a couple hours off, go to the pool, take a nap, or just have fun!  Your technology will thank you.

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