Do Good, Feel Amazing, LeapCR

When it comes to inspiring your employees, the options may seem obvious. Pay raises, team building days, cake… the tried and true methods of getting the team to enjoy work life and each other’s company more. But employers aren’t just responsible for feeding their worker’s wallets and stomachs – with the amount of time people spend in the office these days, companies should be looking out for their workers overall wellbeing.

And what better way to inspired some goodwill, team friendships, cooperative skills and general health of the soul than with a range of volunteer or charity opportunities that are actually fun and rewarding to be involved in? LeapCR, a new platform for employee volunteering makes it easy for companies to find nearby charitable activities for their workers, either as large scale group activities, or as a charitable and creative outlet for individuals in the company.

Not only does LeapCR give companies the tools to inspire their employees to be more charitable, find local volunteer opportunities and help arrange charitable days out for the whole team, they also have online tools to help measure who is using the volunteering opportunities, ways to reward employees who engaged with the community, and channels to get company feedback on the programs.

Already in use by dozens of major companies in London, this startup looks to change the way businesses and charities interact – making charity not just a check box on a tax form, but a way of life for employers, employees and the community. Talk about good for the soul.

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