The Real Definition of An Entrepreneur

I have to admit when I first labeled myself an `Entrepreneur’ I thought I now sounded very intriguing, slightly mysterious, and seriously interesting. Almost sexy.

If Entrepreneur had a `role description’ written by a recruitment agency it would read something like this:

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Must be able to move small mountains on a daily basis, be open to change, willing to take risk, flexible beyond belief and have the stamina of an ultra marathon runner.
  • Must enjoy working ridiculously long hours for little money and enjoy being financially burdened 90% of the time.
  • Should be used to getting little to no sleep or at least adopting irregular sleep patterns
  • Able to cope with vast amounts of stress – mainly self induced and happy in the knowledge that work life/ balance is not in the dictionary as a real word
  • Most comfortable having your ego bashed on a daily basis, able to enjoy the thrill of a rollercoaster ride and not prone to puking or showing signs of weakness.
  • Used to doubting your abilities and having days when you wonder what the heck you’re actually doing and whether it is even a good idea let alone whether people will pay for it.

If someone had told me it’s a sure fire way to lose sleep, lose all semblance of a balanced life and  become a slave to work I might have considered not taking this route…….yeah right! Deep down we love it.

The Best Wine Label Ever, what’s your label?

So why do we do it?

I believe that for some of us it’s the allure of fame and fortune – that winning idea that turns into an overnight success.

For others it’s the freedom of working our own hours and being able to take off at any time – even if this an elusive quest.

For many it’s our complete and utter passion for doing what we believe in day in and day out.

For others it’s because we don’t want to work for someone else or are lousy at it, perhaps we’re just not good at `regular work at all’.

Then there’s those of us that didn’t get an education, really had no career skills but knew we could make something of ourselves and our endless stream of ideas.

Whatever the reason that we landed in this spectacular role, we deserve to recognize our awesomeness from time to time.

Who cares if we’re addicted to work and the lack of balance in our life, or that we’d rather be doing nothing else than working on all our many business projects?

I can’t help it and I know I’m not alone. Especially when someone pings me at 1am in the morning with an idea, or an email response and I send them a note to say they should be sleeping…which is ironic in itself given I just answered.

This is a common bond between many entrepreneurs and so this article is to honour those of us that don’t take time recognize our awesomeness. Who else climbs the highest mountains unprepared just because?

Who jumps from buildings without checking the parachute first or sails off on an uncharted course to enjoy a new adventure and reach a new shore?  Yes that’s right – we do.

So shout it out, celebrate your fabulousness and create your own definition of Entrepreneur, just like this:

E = Extraordinary

N = Neurotic

T = Tenacious

R = Restless

E = Extreme

P = Persistent

R = Relentless

E = Energetic

N = Nimble

E = Engaging

U = Unstoppable

R = Revolutionary

I’m sure at least one of those words resonates and I think they showcase the many different facets that make us who we are. What sets us apart is the ability to accept our flaws and acknowledge our strengths and push on regardless of not knowing the outcome or whether we have the right ingredients for success.

This is no ordinary role. This is not for the weak or fearful, the scared or the meek, this requires guts, courage and spunk and even moments of insanity.

Go ahead, write your own description and make sure you leave a legacy you’re proud of. Or at least make the title bestowed upon you into an acronym you can spell like: PEER >  ENTER > RUN   OR  PEE > RE-RUN > RENT

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