Setting up your Signature for Emails:


Need help setting up your signature for your emails? If you send a lot of emails, this simple step can save a lot of typing.

In Outlook Express, click Tools and then Options. In this window you will want to select the Signatures Tab. Click the New Button on the right hand side. And then in the lower section under Edit Signature you can free type your signature anyway you would like it to appear. Once you have finished typing the text, click apply. At the top of the window check the option to include the signature on all outgoing messages and click OK.


If you use Outlook 2007 the steps are similar but the screens are slightly different.

1. Click Tools and Options

2. Choose the Mail Format Tab

3. Click the Signatures button

4. Choose the New button at the top LEFT corner

5. Enter a name for your signature – (example Work)

6. Choose OK

7. In the lower section of this screen you can free type the way you want your signature to look. With Outlook 2007 you are able to customize the fonts, sizes, colors, etc …

8. On the top right side of the screen it will let you select when you want to use the Signatures with either new messages and or replies/forwards

9. After setting this option, click OK

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